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Theme: Catalysts & Optimists

This event occurred on
November 6, 2010
11:00am - 7:00pm MST
(UTC -7hrs)
Phoenix, AZ
United States

At TEDxPhoenix 2010, you will experience a full day of incredible talks by some of the Valley

Eight KAET Arizona PBS Studio A
555 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ, 85004 -1252
United States
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Jany Deng

Jany Deng was only seven years old when his village was struck by a bomb and he found himself caught in the midst of a violent civil war. Jany was one of thousands of young boys who fled Southern Sudan and walked almost a thousand miles in search of refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya

Kimber Lanning

Kimber Lanning is a prominent community activist who believes that the best business is local business. Kimber currently runs Stinkweeds, an award winning record store in Phoenix, and is also the founder and executive director of Local First AZ. Local First is a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen the state

Jay Rogers

Jay Rogers deeply believes in the power of crowdsourcing. Jay is the co-founder of Local Motors, a revolutionary car company that has been featured in Popular Science and Wired Magazine. A former U.S. Marine, Jay has worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Co., as an investment analyst at Ewing & Partners, and now serves as the CIO and director of the RBR Foundation

Bob Grossfeld

While local traditional newspapers were failing, Bob Grossfeld and several former East Valley Tribune journalists were busy creating the Arizona Guardian, an online news site that covers state politics as closely as any of its competitors. Bob is a widely quoted Arizona political observer and analyst, and is no stranger to controversy

Prasad Boradkar

Prasad Boradkar is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Industrial Design at Arizona State University in Tempe. He holds degrees in industrial design and mechanical engineering, and has held positions at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He is the Director of InnovationSpace, a transdisciplinary laboratory at Arizona State University where students and faculty partner with corporations to explore human-centered product concepts that improve society and the environment. His research activities focus on using cultural theory to understand the social significance of the designed environment. His publications include several articles and a book titled Designing Things: A Critical Introduction to the Culture of Objects.

Pamela Slim

Pamela Slim is a seasoned coach and writer who helps frustrated corporate employees break out and start their own companies. Her blog, Escape from Cubicle Nation, is one of the top career and marketing blogs on the web and she has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and has spoken at the Googleplex. As a former corporate manager turned entrepreneur, Pamela deeply understands the questions and concerns faced by first-time entrepreneurs. Ultimately, Pam

Jolyana Bitsuie

Margaret has been on the frontline of Arizona

Margaret Regan

Author, Southern Arizona Journalist. Margaret has been on the frontline of Arizona

Syed Toufeeq Ahmed

Syed Toufeeq Ahmed successfully defended his PhD dissertation on information extraction and text mining from BioMedical literature. The associated project, BioEve, is a revolutionary and innovative semantic search engine for MEDLINE abstracts that enables faster drug discovery by highlighting important and hidden relationships between disease-drugs-and-genes.

Eric Torres

Eric Torres is an accomplished designer, author, and the creator of the fictional world of Rynaga (pronounced rin-ah-gah). Rynaga is an ongoing design project that explores the use of self-imposed limitations, iconography and story-telling, and has even been featured on

Nina Miller

Nina Miller is an actor, improvisor, designer and an MSD candidate in Interaction Design studying improvisation as part of the collaborative design process. She has taught foundation level courses in the ASU Visual Communications program and worked as an advocate of higher education and design education in various capacities. She has been an actor and performer in Phoenix since 1995, and is a graduate of The Torch Theatre

Goran Konjevod

Goran Konjevod is a mathematician and theoretical computer scientist who has taken his origami hobby to the next level by exploring new and original works. His pieces are formed by the tension of the paper when multiple layers of paper are arranged according to their regular or irregular patterns

Helene Neville

Helene Neville is an author, Phoenix registered nurse, and three time cancer survivor who finished a record-breaking 2,520-mile coast to coast run across the US in under 100 days. She has completed over 25 marathons including the Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, London Marathon, and she went on to break a record by climbing the 14,500-foot Mount Whitney in 13 hours. Helene strives to inspire other

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