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Theme: Changing the future

Gijón, Spain
May 18th, 2013

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Estamos viviendo unos años de búsqueda, de apertura, de cambios, de retos … de nuevos horizontes. Sin embargo, llevamos nuestras vidas por caminos que están ya marcados por la sociedad: conocemos de antemano la salida y el destino de nuestra vida personal y profesional, como si fuésemos conductores de un metro. Quizás deberíamos plantearnos cambiar el futuro, adaptándonos a las novedades, como el surfista que improvisa y se adapta a cada nueva ola. Ganaríamos en libertad, en frescura, en flexibilidad y sobre todo en felicidad.
"Changing the future" pretende mostrar nuevas tendencias en educación, cultura, ciencia, ingeniería y arquitectura que supongan una inspiración para todos nosotros y nuestro mañana.


Although we are facing times of new challenges, new experiences, openess, constant changes, new horizons and so on. Our life paths seem to be somehow led by civil society. We think we know beforehand the direction and destiny of our personal and professional life, just like a train on a fixed track. Maybe we should think adapting to the challenges, thus changing the future, in the same way a surfer modifies his movements to each new wave.

We would gain in freedom, in freshness, in flexibility and above all, we will gain in happiness.

The aim of “Changing the future”is to show new tendencies in education, culture, science, engineering, and architecture which will be a source of inspiration for all of us and our tomorrow.

Confirmed Speakers

  • David Lago
    David Lago is a researcher at University of Oviedo. He's currently working with nanoparticles to prevent cancer.
  • Fernando Alberca
    Fernando Alberca is a teacher specialised in youth people.
  • Luis Ivan Cuende
    Luis Ivan is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in computing science.
  • Marta Malé-Alemany
    Marta Male-Alemany is a world wide known architect who has been teaching at IAAC for years and researching with new materials for construction.
  • Javier Regueira
    Javier Regueira has set up a company to create a new relationship between musicians and customers
  • Javier Vallina
    Javier Vallina (Bueno) is a local singer who have delivered a very innovative way to sell music.
  • Desiree Matas
    Desiree is an engineering and a writer as well. She wrote a novel which was in the top list of Amazon for months
  • Diego Cabezudo
    Diego has a well known reputation in the cloud computing field.
  • Xarles Gonzalez
    Xarles has set up a company related to optimism.
  • Maria Martin
    Maria teaches sport and dance to the subsaharian refugees.
  • Francisco Martin
    Francisco is an English lecturer at University of Oviedo.
  • Peques del Leon de Oro Coro
    One of the most brilliant chorus in Spain delivers a moving show.
  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio is teaching robotics to children.
  • Hugo Gonzalez
    Hugo has been surfing for years. Teacher and coach of surf.
  • Sandra Ibarra
    Sandra was one of the most promising models in Spain when she was told she had cancer. She manages Fundacion Sandra Ibarra against cancer.

Venue and Details

Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura
Calle de Luis Moya Blanco
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