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Theme: Exploring the Edge

This event occurred on
November 16, 2013
9:00am - 4:00pm SAST
(UTC +2hrs)
Cape Town, WC
South Africa

Limits, boundaries, peripheries, and the enigmatic attraction to them is part of the human condition. Discovering “the other” as a revelatory process is fundamental to understanding “ourselves”. When we define the “Edge”, we are defining difference – allowing ourselves to see each other in a comparative light. It is this ability to categorize, to separate ourselves along tribal and physical lines that has bounded us, divided us, and inked the history of the world with its permutations. When we find the “Edge” therefore, we find ourselves… our abilities, our affiliations, and our fears. It is also from the edge that we make our leaps into infinite possibilities, and break through boundaries and limitations. Here we find the opportunity to create new blends and commonality.

Extreme sports, new technology, and future art fascinate us and expand our perception of what is considered possible. Exploration of minerals and fuel drive us to the Edge of where technology can take us on earth, from the bottom of the ocean, to the Arctic, to a recently announced space mining company.

Interconnectedness and globalization have made us ever more dependent on peripheral actors… the vast flood of humanity living on the fringe of existence. Events on the perceived “Edge” play a large and growing role in global decision-making, systemic change, and catastrophic failures. Business, government, and military decisions hinge ever more on public opinion and mass action in parts of the world that once were considered unimportant…The global Edge.

What does this insatiable appetite for expansion tell us about the core tenets of human behavior? Where will the “Edge” be in the future, and is surpassing that Edge key to our existence? Is pushing the boundaries of the “Edge” a good or a bad thing?

What kind of people are the ones who “push the Edge”? TEDxTableMountain 2013 brought experts in various fields and disciplines to discuss the concept of the “Edge”.

The African Dance Theatre
44 Long Street
Corner Hout Street
Cape Town, WC, 8001
South Africa
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Lance Brown

Lance Brown is a living testament to his “Creating Opportunities” philosophy. Growing up in a suburb where dreams rarely stretch beyond one’s street corner, Lance dared to reach for the stars. From the small seed of a basic job as a filing clerk in his twenties, he discovered an aptitude for taxation and a road to a brighter world. He worked hard to earn a bachelor’s degree in Financial Management part-time and is now a tax consultant for one of the world’s leading consulting firms. Lance’s talents and goals have branched out and touched many. He has given presentations in London on the South African tax system and has featured in local and international articles on a variety of issues. Yet his greatest joy is speaking to disadvantaged students in schools, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and planting new seeds of belief.

Nicky Abdinor

Nicky Abdinor is an Inspirational Speaker and Clinical Psychologist based in Cape Town. Nicky is always commended on being a credible agent of change whether you are connecting with her one-on-one or in an audience. When you meet Nicky, it is hard not to recognise that she puts her message into practice! She was born without arms and shortened legs. Despite these physical challenges, Nicky has a successful career and even drives an adapted car, taking “hands-free” to a whole new level! Nicky is the Founder and Chairperson of the registered non-profit organization, Nicky’s Drive which aims to fund car adaptations for people with disabilities in South Africa. Nicky is an advocate for mobility and independence and has a passion for challenging our perceptions of (dis)ability. She aims to INSPIRE ENABLE MOTIVATE!

Jim Adams

Jim Adams is NASA’s Deputy Chief Technologist. Previously, he served as the Deputy Director of the Planetary Science Division, overseeing the Discovery, New Frontiers, Lunar Science and Mars programs. He was responsible for the development of several key technologies including Ion Propulsion and Radioisotope Power Systems. Adams previously served as the Project Manager for the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite, as well as a Space Station Freedom Systems Integration Manager at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and 26 other highly successful missions. 
Adams holds degrees in both Physics and Electrical Engineering. 
He is a sought after public speaker across the United States. Internationally, he recently appeared at the 3rd Congress of Brilliant Minds in Madrid and the IAA Smallsat Symposium in Berlin (via video tape). He has earned a number of awards, including the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal, the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, and the NASA Exceptional Service Medal.

Dakini Shima

My quest into life is an extraordinary adventure of yes. Imagine if you turn to each moment and open your arms and welcome whatever life brings. Imagine if you turn to yourself in such a yes; in utter love. My love and work is to guide others into this yes of themselves and all of life. From sex to spirit, from the outer adventures to the inner mysteries and into the eternal dance of the masculine and feminine falling in love again and again and again. I am guide into this inner land of love and mystery .. a spiritual activist .. a lineage holder or Dakini of the spiritual path, Tantra, and filmmaker. Our first Tantra film Lalla the Buddha will be be released in November 2013.

Graham Sinclair

Graham is a sustainable investment strategist at SinCo - sustainable investment consulting - and co-founder of the not-for-profit Africa Sustainable Investment Forum project, At, together with the volunteer project team, he has been an advocate for sustainable investment in Africa. At SinCo he leads engagements to design and develop the sustainable investment case for clients managing billion dollar investments or global investor initiatives. As ESG architect he integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment strategies, processes and indexes in frontier and emerging markets. Recent projects tackled private equity ESG architecture, pension fund investment value chains, portfolio risks from carbon taxes, a national sustainability index, shareholder activism and impact investing. His peer learning work includes launching the UN-backed PRI Emerging Markets Project for UNEPFI in 2007/8. Before joining KLD in Boston, he worked in investment banking and managed private sector pension funds, exiting global multi-manager SEI Investments in 2002. Graham lectures on sustainable investment at leading business schools in North America, Europe and Africa, is an advisor to the Yale University Dwight House SRI Fund, and has presented on sustainable investment to over 200 audiences since 2002. He has contributed three chapters on Private Equity, Africa and Sustainability Indexes to "Evolutions in Sustainable Investing" (Wiley Finance, 2012). Graham chairs the Prudential Assets Working Group of the investment industry group ASISA, Senior Associate of the Environmental Leadership Program and inaugural cohort of the WWF/IMD One Planet Leaders Programme, a member of the Investment Analysts Society and lifetime member of Net Impact. Graham holds an MBA from the Villanova School of Business and LL.B from the Howard College School of Law as well as various industry certifications. He resides in Vermont, USA and Cape Town, South Africa. On any day he would rather be cycling a mountain pass.

Jennifer Lovemore-Reed

Jennifer Lovemore-Reed is an adventurer, writer, artist, photographer and entrepreneur. She has a business in Cape Town called Mayhem Management and was a finalist in the category ‘Emerging Entrepreneur’ in the Regional Business Achievers Awards 2010. For many years Jennifer worked as a contemporary artist, in a variety of media including photography, mixed media, performance art, installation and video installation. She exhibited internationally as well as in many galleries in South Africa. In 2003 she won the Vuleka Art Prize which led to an art residency in Paris in 2004. She was one of five founding women (members) to start G.R.I.P. (The Greater Nelspruit Rape Intervention Project) in Mpumalanga in 2000. G.R.I.P. is a non-profit, community-based organization supporting and working with rape survivors in the district. An adventure in 2012 changed Jennifer’s life completely. She now believes in living on the edge and not allowing fear to dictate any part of her life. She is in the process of writing a book and hopes that her life will consist of writing and adventure from now on.

Jenny Cargill

Jenny Cargill is special advisor to the Premier, Western Cape Government, with a particular focus on the green economy. She is the author of the book, Trick or Treat: Rethinking black economic empowerment, and a protagonist in the award winning film on the struggle against apartheid, Memories of Rain. She also founded a think tank, BusinessMap SA, which monitored the economic transition as South Africa sought to integrate into the global economy; and specialized in black economic empowerment investments.

Sivuyile (Siv) Ngesi

Spurred on by a hunger for success, South African actor-comedian Siv Ngesi is well on his way to reaching his goals….. Ngesi is immersed in several different spheres of the performing arts , as he showcases his talents across a number of platforms in order to achieve the success he has always dreamed of. After his overwhelming success with his one-man comedy show Dekaf, which ran at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown for three years and won the Golden Ovation Award for best Comedy show in 2010, Ngesi embarked on a national tour with the show, playing to packed theatres and rave reviews, and opened up a whole new chapter in his life. His television career has flourished, with lead roles in League of Glory (MNet) , Khululeka , SEIS (Mzanzi Magic) leading to international acting roles in the Oscar-nominated Invictus (With Clint Eastwood, Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman) and in 24 Redemption (with Keifer Sutherland and Jon Voigt). Audiences will also warm to him in his upcoming cinema role in Long Walk to Freedom and his award winning one man stand up show “Race Card” Describing himself as “motivated and inspired”, Siv draws his inspiration from his parents, and he is crazy enough to believe he can change the world .. Follow him on Twitter @iamSIVN

Anthony Turton

Anthony is a specialist in the assessment and mitigation of risk under conditions of uncertainty where incomplete or contested data hampers decision-making, with a track record that goes back to the ending of the armed struggle by the creation of CODESA.

Sean Rogers

Sean Rogers started out in advertising and moved on to create his own television production company, which, at it’s height, had over 250 employees and produced one of the biggest animated shows in South African history. Drawing on 25 years of experience as a producer, he has been developing a new approach to TV production that relies on adaptable and reconfigurable teams rather than costly, oversized studios. Sean is currently head of production at Bubblegum, and sister post-production company Spit+Polish. Sean is single, has a passion for convertibles, and is struggling to finish Steve Jobs’ biography.

Andrew Canter

Andrew Canter has been with Futuregrowth Asset Management, the fixed interest boutique of OMIGSA, since 1998. He is a director and Chief Investment Officer of Futuregrowth, and is Chairman of the Credit Committee and Investment Committee. Andrew studied at Bryant University in the United States as well as Richmond College in London. He came to South Africa in 1990, and joined Rand Merchant Bank to help establish their asset management business, and was a fixed interest manager with the asset management division of the FirstRand group from 1990 until he joined Futuregrowth. Futuregrowth is a leading responsible investor in South Africa, managing over R120 billion, of which about R15 billion is in dedicated development funds.

Braam Malherbe

He’s an extreme conservationist, adventurer, youth developer, motivational speaker, TV Presenter and author of the best seller “The Great Run”. He has been involved in counter poaching operations as an Honorary Ranger for SANParks and is actively involved in numerous conservation groups, making it his life’s mission to fight environmental irresponsibility and the destruction of natural resources. In 2006 and again in 2008, Braam Malherbe and running partner David Grier achieved two world first’s by running the entire length of the Great Wall of China, a distance of 4218kms, as well as the coastline of South Africa, raising in excess of R2.5 million for the charity Operation Smile. In January 2012, him and Peter van Kets took part in the 768km unassisted Scott / Amundsen Centenary ski-race to the South Pole, highlighting human impact on the Earth. Braam continues to challenge all of us, to DO ONE THING (DOT) to make a positive difference for our planet.

Jeremy (Jerm) Nell

Jerm (Jeremy Nell) is an award-winning cartoonist, winning his first two major awards at the 2011 Vodacom Journalist Of The Year. The Mail & Guardian accoladed him as one of their “Top 200 Young South Africans” during 2012, and The Media magazine accoladed him as one of their “Top 40 Under 40″ media personalities during 2013. His work has appeared in a bunch of publications, online and offline, such as theSunday Times, The Star, City Press, Rapport, Beeld, The Times, FHM, Playboy,Rolling Stone, TIME, Daily Maverick, The New Age, Cosmopolitan, EWN,eNCA, and others. My work has also appeared in Belgian, Spanish, Dutch, and Indian publications.

Carlo Randall

BushDoctor, Entrepreneur, Artist born in Cape Town, South Africa. He has travelled extensively through Southern Africa, and it was on his journey that he discovered his passion of healing. The connection to that, the herb lore that he found so fascinating was the product of oral knowledge passed down from the Khoi/San people ( Bushmen) who boasts one of the oldest cultures on the planet. With 20 years of experience he has an established practise in Cape Town, worked for Stellenbosch University as a Research Assistant and Lecturer on Indigenous Medicinal Plants used in South Africa. An Advocate and Custodian for the livelihood of Indigenous Medicinal Plants and Remedies.

Lisa Huang

Lisa Huang is the founder of Food and Chatter, a start-up designed to connect people through shared culinary experiences. Born in the heart of Taiwan’s food capital, Tainan city, she believes that food is the common language we all speak and a catalyst for change. As a Third Culture Kid (TCK), Lisa has lived in Taiwan, Singapore, China, United States, Peru, Costa Rica, and now South Africa. Her travel experiences fuelled her curiosity for human connections across linguistic, cultural and social class barriers. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2009 with a Bachelor in Business Administration, Lisa began her career at Morningstar Inc, a global investment research firm headquartered in Chicago. In 2010, Lisa relocated to Cape Town, Morningstar’s first African office, as Head of data operations. She continues to enjoy healthy debates about Economics, and is the current president of EY Toastmasters Club.

Matt Bush

My journey to freestyle rock climbing has not been an easy one. It has not been without struggle. At a young age I experienced personal loses of close family. This left a burden on me. The weight of which led me to question the very meaning of life. Mid way through high school I started rock climbing. My first experience climbing Table Mountain brought me an indescribable sense of wonderment and joy as I reconnected with nature. Nature gradually changed me and with the focus of climbing mountains I overcame these personal difficulties of childhood. The heights of mountains elevated my spirit and renewed my sense of hope. This is a story of finding self expression through my climbing journeys though the natural landscapes of Table Mountain, Cederberg, Montagu,Thailand and Vietnam. My story aims to give you a window into my world as a freestyle rock climber.

Mpumelelo Ncwadi

Mpumelelo Ncwadi is a humanitarian-at-heart who works to help others achieve reliable prosperity and resilience. As a Chief Strategy Officer of his own nonprofit company, Indwe Trust, he is responsible for helping the organisation raise charitable donations and create awareness. A native of the Eastern Cape with academic qualifications from the University of Johannesburg, University of Texas at Austin (USA), University of California at Berkeley (USA), Brown University (USA), University of Cambridge (UK) and University of Cape Town, he put himself through high school selling tomatoes, eggs from his mother’s Venda chicken and homemade clothing items from his mother. He could have worked anywhere in the world but chose to come home where there is a bigger need for his skills and expertise.

Simon Dingle

Simon Dingle heads up customer engagement at 22seven, writes about technology trends for Finweek, hosts (tech)5 on 5FM and Take Back the Day on He is passionate about how people learn new tricks with technology and the impact this has on individuals and society. Simon also used to be a communications consultant for big technology companies, was a DJ in a hip hop group, presenter on a talk radio station and edited the art section in a lifestyle magazine. He wrote a chapter on Mark Shuttleworth for the book South Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs and is currently writing a book about being awesome.

Roger Horrocks

Roger Horrocks is an underwater cameraman whose speciality is to shoot sequences for wildlife documentaries, features and commercials. Roger developed his field and cinematography craft first as a speafisherman, and then as a camera assistant to BBC cameraman Justin Maguire, Didier Noirot and Doug Anderson. He has subsequently shot underwater sequences for Animal Planet/Discovery Networks, National Geographic, the BBC and John Downer Productions, and specialises in working with large charismatic animals such as sharks, whales, dolphins and nile crocodiles.

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