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Theme: Perception

This event occurred on
May 18, 2013
10:00am - 3:00pm BST
(UTC +1hr)
Newcastle upon Tyne, NET
United Kingdom

Our curator framed it best < an excerpt from the event>

My name is Ashmita Randhawa and I am the license holder for this TEDx event. Hope you are all set for a great day of conversation and good madness.

I've been asked 2 questions about this event: what possessed you to organize a TEDx event ?(yes, possessed was the word used) and the 2nd- why the theme of Perception? Here's what i hope will be my brief answer to both,

The first question is easier to answer-> It starts with me blaming my sister for my love of all things TED... she introduced me to my first and all time favourite talk by Sarah Kay (one I highly recommend by the way!) and it's been a slippery slope ever since. Having volunteered at an event in the States, I went in search of a TEDx here in Newcastle. Unable o find one, I did what any other "normal"person in my shoes would do- I decided to organize one!

So, why Perception. As I stand in front of you today, you have already percieved me in a different, unique way. You may have thought of me as a woman, an Indian, and American, perhaps even Canadian (apparently an american accent mixed with some Geordie is Canadian).

But there always so much more- I have lived in 4 countried and each country has taught me how I can be percieved and has challenged me to shed any pre-dispositions of the people I myself might have.

So how else have I felt that Perception has played a big role in my life? I have felt the sharp edge of religious conflict at its worst and have learnt that what you perceive about any religion or school of thought should always be open to new facts. The biggest thing is that one needs to be willing to listen, as that is the first step in potentially changing your perception.
The heart of the matter is that perception rules our world. That's what I'm hoping we can challenge today through this conference. It's a means to introduce you to new schools of thought and hopefully encourage you to view a thought from many different lenses.

The Lit & Phil
23 Westgate Road
Newcastle upon Tyne, NET, NE1 1SE
United Kingdom
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Richard Nugent

The Talk: 'The Perception of Leaders' - How can we all be leaders in a world where perception is everything? The Person: Richard works with talented people in the fields of business and sport – and has been for almost a decade. Those who he has worked with all say the same thing: they have achieved more than they thought was possible because of his support and insight. He has helped leaders in international brands such as Lego, Merlin Entertainments and Tesco to realize their potential while his work with professional footballers, managers and cricketers has led to trophy winning performances and multi-million pound transfers.

Paul Thompson

The Talk: Paul will discuss the bits of comic book storytelling he feels like he's figured out, with particular reference to stories of terror and the supernatural, in a talk entitled: "words + pictures where space = time. The Person: Paul is the creator of surreal horror comic series, ‘Tales of the Hollow Earth’, a co-editor of the Newcastle Science Comic and an active member of the Paper Jam Comics Collective. He works for Newcastle University, attempting to make IT systems easier to use. Placing pictures in sequence will create a story for the viewer, whether it was intended or not. Putting words too close to those pictures can set a world in motion.The greatest comic creators have a supernatural control over this process, and from this unstable chemistry, they wield extremely evocative storytelling

Robert LLewellyn

The Talk: 1.6 million barrels of Misconception The Person: Robert is an occasional actor (Red Dwarf), TV presenter (Scrapheap challenge, How do they Do it, Hollywood Science, Top Trumps etc.). He has published 12 books, runs three video podcasts and tweets too much. Robert lives in Gloucestershire and is married to writer Judy Pascoe. They have 2 children, 2 dogs and between 3 and 5 chickens. Through his involvement with science and engineering on television Robert has been exposed to many cutting edge innovations in the transportation sector. He is fascinated by the development of the electric vehicle and the challenges such disruptive technology has on the status quo. In 2001, he had a ride in a very fast electric car in California and this experience clearly had a profound impact. In the last 3 years he has driven 38,000 miles in electric cars and so far hasn’t run out on to the side of the road and burst into tears…

Paul Edkins

The Talk: Paul’s talk will focus on the misperception of a non-religious life as somehow being devoid of wonder or meaning. The Person: Paul is passionate about supporting young people to find their place in the world. He has been a teacher and youth coach, and led the world’s largest student-run international festival, One World Week, in 2007. He joined Camp Quest UK as a volunteer in 2010 and is organising the summer camp this year. He's currently studying for a masters in operational research at Warwick University , and in future hopes to support organisations and young people to make good decisions.

Thomas Landrain

Thomas is the co-founder and president of the non-profit organization ‘La Paillasse’ in Paris, one of the world’s largest community laboratories, commonly called hackerspaces, that foster open biotechnology. He is an active member of the Do-it-yourself Biology (DIYbio) community, organizing the launch of the DIYbio Europe network and working regularly as one of its spokespersons. THE TALK ‘Toward desktop biotechnologies’ The current thinking in biotechnology is that it’s much too complicated and expensive to do fast and cheap biotech innovation, but the biohacking movement is breaking this paradigm.

Chris Greathead

The Talk: Transcendental Meditation. The world’s best kept secret? The Person: Chris runs courses in personal development and stress management through Transcendental Meditation (TM) across the UK. Over the past 18 years, he has worked with staff from major public and private sector organizations in the North East of England. Having studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s TM organization in Switzerland, France, India and the UK, he qualified to become a TM teacher in 1977 and has taught courses in India and the UK ever since. Since 1985, he has been teaching TM independently of the international TM organization with, what he hopes, is a more down to earth approach.

Elaine Colliar

The Talk -"What you think of me is none of my business!" Grasping that precious moment when your perception of self collides with the worlds perception of you. The Person- Elaine is the 5 times World Mind Mapping Champion, an International Grand Master and Senior Arbiter for the World Memory Championship.............. and following the Credit Crunch she is a mum of two who has discovered that the art of living elegantly on a budget is not a money problem at all!

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Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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