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Theme: Connect The Dots, Do It Right.

This event occurred on
May 25, 2013
12:00am - 12:00am WAT
(UTC +1hr)

The TEDxLuanda asserts itself as a platform for connecting, discovery and deployment of people and their projects, ideas and dreams positively contribute to creating a better society.

Discussion and debate are keys to open doors to new ways, above this we want to share, infect and act, make discoveries ideas have really impact within society in general.

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Aline Frazão

Aline Frazao was born and raised in Luanda (Angola) and currently lives in Lisbon. Stepped on stage for the first time 9 years and since then has had the opportunity to sing various styles of music as fado, pop, jazz and traditional music of Angola and Cape Verde. At age 15 he began writing the first songs, playing guitar with influences coming from Brazil, especially bossa nova.

Carlos Augusto

Born in 1977 in Luanda. He has a degree in Computer Science and currently attends the Masters in Electronic Commerce and Internet in UAB Portugal, where he is preparing a dissertation on the legal factors and the expansion of online betting exchanges.

Daniel Muller Caminha

Daniel is 29 years old and walks psychologist, entrepreneur and Arista. Interested in human relationships, always understanding the city as action territory, developed in parallel a production poeIca and intellectual. Sought expertise in Systemic Constellations (Bert Hellinger Center / Argenina); Analyze InsItucional and Philosophy of Difference (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul); EsteIcas and Urban PoeIcas (UB / Barcelona). Created bringing urban facilities reflections on the social conviviality. He worked as a clinical psychologist at the doctor's office, in schools and INSTITUTIONS manicomiais.

Daniela Ribeiro

Angolan Artist born in 1972, Daniela has lived between Angola and Paris creating and exhibiting her art. Daniela explores the relationship between the present, the past and the human condition through the use of technological components interlaced with ancient or natural world imagery.

Hélder Pereira

Helder is passionate about design interventions and collaborations that transcend traditional disclipines or economic models – he sees the creativity and flexibility inherent in “Angolanidade” as an opportunity to (re)create design practices and creative industries that are generated out of a unique non-western context, yet have a global vision.

Hindhyra Mateta

Hindhyra Mateta was born in Luanda in 1985. BA in International Relations from the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Angola. Photographer, publicist, consultant, cultural, social activist, won the Prix BESA (Bank Espírto Santo Angola) Imaging and Photography 2008 and has done solo exhibitions of visual arts (theater Elinga Luanda in 2007, photography and visual arts; Catholic University Angola and Oscar Ribas University 2009, photography, Journalism Training Centre of Luanda 2012, photographs focusing on enhancement of natural hair).

Ikenna Azuike

My name is Ikenna Azuike, I am the journalist behind weekly satirical Internet show What's Up África, a provocative and entertaining programme about African news, initiatives and people. I created What's Up África in February 2011 after feeling frustrated by the unbalanced and often inaccurate portrayal of Africa in western media. Coverage of the continent was either on the one hand too focussed on presenting images of war, famine and general disorder.

Joost De Raeymaeker

Photojournalist and writer Joost De Raeymaeker was born in Belgium but chose to live in Lisbon. After taking a degree course as a musician in the Jazz Studio in Antwerp, and you have done a degree in history in UFSIA in Antwerp, Faculty of Arts, University and RUG in Gent, he devoted himself for some years to computer security as managing partner of a company in the business.

Keita Mayanda

Keita Mayanda is son of Luanda, where he discovered and developed his passion for music, especially Black Music. In the first half of the 90 starts in Rap, as an artist and activist of the Movement National Hip-Hop.

Miguel Gonçalves

Miguel Gonçalves is a psychologist atypical creative imagination with children, and believes that ideas are fulfilled in the execution. He founded the Spark Agency, a creative agency specializing in design thinking and ecosystems acceleration and has created several frameworks that are redesigning the interface between people and companies in Portugal, as the So Pitch.

Nadir Tati

Nadir Tati is, currently, Fashion Designer, Stylist and Image Consultant. Before, she was a Model, activity which definitely sparked the passion for designing clothes in the fashion scene. Even though she is connected to this art, the Stylist graduated in Criminology and Sociology and was a professional Swimmer.

Norberto Amaral

Norberto Innovation Manager on a great Portuguese business group. Through his hands passes the boost of innovation actions , such as internal innovation awards, creativity workshops, sharing of knowledge and experiences and the innovation yearbook of the company.

Onyx Ashanti

Beatjazz is what you get when you cross a sci-fi obsessed electronic jazz artist with a futurologist instrument inventor. The result of 20 years of conceptualization that has taken Onyx Ashanti on a conceptual journey from Mississippi to California to London to NYC and finally to Berlin, where he now resides.

Sandra Fisher-Martins

Sandra Fisher-Martins runs Português Claro, a training and consultancy firm that introduced plain language in Portugal and has been helping Portuguese companies and government agencies communicate clearly since 2007.

Tiago Costa

Born on 18 September '85 in Lisbon, Luanda lived up to his 11 years, when it moves back to Portugal, this time to Braga, to continue their studies. Back in Luanda 3 years later to try their luck in the capital city, but after 2 years of mismanagement of school where, returns to where, at the time, should never have left: Portugal. In return, settles in Portalegre, Alentejo, and from there, after achieving stability academic travels to Porto where he would enter the secondary and to the University.

Carlos Rosado de Carvalho

Journalist, University Professor, Researcher and Influencer Carlos Rosado de Carvalho was born in Malanje, Angola, on May 1962, having a degree in Economics from the Catholic University on 1985. Currently he is the director and editorial consultant of the magazine Expansion (Angola) and lecturer at the Catholic University of Angola in various disciplines in the field of Economics. His career in business journalism began in the 80s, at the now defunct weekly Tempo (Lisbon, Portugal), and later assumed roles in Portugal in Exame magazine (principal writer and associate director), the RFM / Radio Renaissance (chronicler of economy) the TSF (economics expert), weekly Independent (economics editor), Lusa (economics editor) Público (economics editor), Economic Daily (chronicler), among others. In Angola, already passed by Rádio Mais (economic analyst), the TV Zimbo (economic analyst), the newspaper O País (columnist) and by the magazine Exame Angola (director). Even having a demanding career, Rosado de Carvalho never failed to have a thirst for knowledge and eagerness for improvement of their academic knowledge with their past training also by institutions like INSEAD Business School, ISEG and European Commission.

Sonia Ferreira

Humanitarian passionate by rock Sonia Ferreira was born on August 3, 1973. Natural Huambo, Benguela she studied up to 12th grade. A pioneer of the OPA, she was Maestra of the Musical Band Pioneers of Benguela. Until 1991 she was a schoolteacher in Benguela. In 1992 she decided to give a turning point to his career and was a cook in a Greek ship cabotage in the Angolan coast until 1994. In 1996 became the director of the transit center for demobilized soldiers IOM (International Organization for Migration). She was voluntary peace in Caimbambo project, the ONG ADRA Angola, in the municipality of Caimbambo in Benguela. In 1997 begins its journey in social action and founded the NGO Child Okutiuka, which is co-founder and general coordinator representative. Also coordinated development projects Caimbambo, Chongoroi and Cubal.

Lukeny Fortunato

Musician Lukeny Bamba Fortunato aka Master-Lb, musician, was born in Luanda, Angola. In the early 90 begins to break dance with friends. At 92 he moved to Lisbon and begins to face large crowds with performances of Break Dance. At 95 he moved to South Africa to study, where happens the beginning of a new phase of involvement in Hip-Hop culture beginning to write some rhymes with friends Yuri and Kiducho. It is also around this time that the idea arises to join a single "local" thousands of Angolans around the world to chat, discuss and exchange ideas. The result is the community Rap & Soul that is still active today with a considerable number of users. He definitely returns to Angola in 2004, and now he represents in Luanda Synchrovision / Synchrovisao, a production company which is headquartered in Switzerland. On April 19, 2004, opens the first Spoken Word space , Open Mic (microphone open) in Gallery Cenarius, an event that is currently taking place, on Tuesdays, Space Bahia. In 2005 he creates the (Poetic eclecticism), the biggest event of the Hip Hop Classic Movement in Angola. After that, he organized Hip hop Luanda and in September 2007 he creates Eclectico on 88.5 FM, a program of Conversation, Music and interviews which also aims to support all cultural events and festivals that take place in the city of Luanda.

Dárdano Santos

Entrepreneur, visionary, reformist and passionate about life Dárdano Santos was born on November 28, 1975, in Angola, and he is author of the book and concept "The Art of Follow Someone". Has two more published works; Generation Worship and See Yourself Smiling God, which focus on the role and importance of music in the context of the Contemporary Church. He is certified trainer in the area of personal development and motivational speaker in the area of Leadership. He also has certifications in Development of Socially Responsible Management and Guidelines on Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development by Uniethos - Brazil. As a writer of the concept "Follow Someone", has a new message. A new vision in an area that few give importance, and on which others simply do not think. The world as leaders but often devalues the strongest force there is in the formation of a leader and organizations: their followers. It is here that Dárdano Santos differs, this is the brand of your message: build followers so because the world leaders, but who form the followers? There will be good leaders without good followers?

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