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Theme: Break Through

Stanford, CA, United States
May 11th, 2013

About this event

On May 11, 2013, Stanford University will hold its second TEDxStanford, produced by the Office of Public Affairs. From cutting edge science and medicine that is changing lives to behind-the-scenes of Stanford’s hottest labs and most innovative classrooms, TEDxStanford will feature everything from your brain on technology and the psychology of compassion to student breakthroughs in energy design, and wildlife studies from the ocean to the African plains. The day will include dance and music to blow your mind, plus a gallery of interactive art. And that’s just the beginning when TEDx meets Stanford University for an unforgettable day at an unforgettable place.

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Allison Okamura
    Allison M. Okamura creates robots and human-computer interfaces that use the sense of touch to improve human health, safety and quality of life.
  • Amy Collier
    Amy Collier works with faculty, instructional designers and doctoral students to explore and design online learning experiences at Stanford.
  • Caitlin O'Connell-Rodwell
    A teacher in Stanford’s Department of Otolaryngology, Dr. Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell is also recognized as a world-renowned expert on elephants.
  • Clifford Nass
    Clifford Nass gleans powerful strategies to help people build relationships by watching what succeeds and what fails in human interfaces with technology.
  • David Shaw
    In his first season as head football coach, David Shaw led the Cardinal to win its first nine games and was named Regional Coach of the Year.
  • Derek Ouyang
    Derek Ouyang is tackling global energy challenges by combining architecture, engineering, construction and human-centered design.
  • Gretchen Daily
    Gretchen Daily integrates conservation, agriculture and business interests to find creative solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Jack Rakove
    Jack Rakove brings thought-provoking conversations on history into the public forum, talking about America’s founding fathers on programs such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
  • Krishna Shenoy
    Krishna Shenoy helps to restore lost function for disabled patients by designing prosthetic devices that can translate neural brain activity.
  • Margot Gerritsen
    Margot Gerritsen is passionate about applying mathematics and computing to model and analyze a wide variety of engineering and natural processes.
  • Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar
    With an extensive record of public service, Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar works at the intersection of law, public policy and political science.
  • Michael Tubbs
    Michael Tubbs’ life experience and love for his hometown brought him back to Stockton as one of the country’s youngest elected officials.
  • Mike Osborne
    Mike Osborne and Miles Traer bring a geographical lens to 21st-century problems.
  • Miles Traer
    Mike Osborne and Miles Traer bring a geographical lens to 21st-century problems.
  • Rachel Kolb
    Born with a profound hearing loss, Rachel Kolb explores issues of access, equality and difference and understands the value of flexibility in transmitting ideas.
  • Rick Banks
    Rick Banks looks at the ways race, the law and morality intersect and affect our society today.
  • Russ Altman
    Russ Altman uses computer technology to explore how our genes affect the ways our bodies respond to drugs.
  • Shirzad Chamine
    Shirzad Chamine reveals to Stanford students how his research on positive intelligence can help them achieve their full potential for professional success and personal fulfillment.
  • Tara Adiseshan
    For as long as she can remember, Tara Adiseshan has been committed to making a positive difference in the world.
  • William Gilly
    After closely observing jumbo squid in the Sea of Cortez for more than a decade, William Gilly works to help us understand electrical excitability in nerve and muscle cells.
  • Andrew Evans
    A professional magician for over 13 years, Andrew Evans doesn’t care much for tricks. Instead, he prefers to create wonder.
  • Basmati Raas
    Basmati Raas combines powerful western Indian folk dance moves, intricate costumes and a colorful story line.
  • Denae Hannah
    Performance artist Denae Hannah sparks conversations on culture using satire and the physical collision of pop culture with high art.
  • Kai Kight
    Performer Kai Kight is intrigued by the convergence of music, psychology and innovation.
  • Natalia Duong
    Performance artist Natalia Duong sees art as the space where cultures coalesce.
  • Dimbleweed
    Bluegrass with a touch of bio, chem, and lit.
  • Olivia Harewood
    Olivia Harewood is a writer, actor, and award winning stand up comedian.

Venue and Details

Cemex Auditorium
Stanford University
Stanford, CA, 94305
United States
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Melinda Sacks
Stanford, CA, United States

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