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Theme: Re:Creation

Busan, South Korea
July 7th, 2012

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About this event

Ideas reframing city, web, science, art, education,relationship.

11 speakers and performer
22 crew members/volunteers

All speech is conducted in Korean. (We could not prepared simultaneous interpretation service this time.)

Confirmed Speakers

  • HyeJeong Kim
    Hyejeong Kim quit her first job at a company, and then moved into Ban-song area to be involved in local movements. Without any support from a local government or benefactors, only driven by the effort of the local people and community, they established ‘Happy Distribution Store’ and ‘Zelkova library.’ As a result, Bang-song area, once considered as an underprivileged area, has greatly changed and even has been selected as ‘The Best Town to Live In’.
  • Gi-Up Nam
    After Gi-up Nam graduated from Department of Politics and Foreign Affair at Sungkyunkwan university, he researched on the theory of Henry George, an American socio-economic philosopher. As the first chairman of ‘Land and Justice Association’, he devoted 2 years of his time into the demonstration. Furthermore, he found ‘Soil+Liberty Lab’ to explore a more strengthened theory and practical policy.
  • JungSik Yu
    Jungsik Yu graduated from Pohang University of Science and Technology, faculty of Industrial Engineering and gained master’s degree in Management at Yonsei University. He worked at kia Motors, LG CNS, Arthur Andersen and Watson Wyatt. In 2002, he founded a company, called ‘In Future Consulting’, specialized in scenario planning, organizational culture and human resource consulting.
  • KiChang Kim
    Kichang Kim majored in law at Seoul National University. He studied at School of Law, University of Chicago, in the United States and Queens College, Cambridge University, in United Kingdom. During his career as a professor in foreign countries, He found out that if using Linux or Apple Mac, we are not able to log into the Internet banking system of Korean banks. Thus he launched ‘Open Banking’ movement. He wrote a book called .
  • YeonWha Kim
    Younwha Kim studied chemistry at Pohang University of Science and Technology and then moved to Seoul National University to study in an interdisciplinary program between sociology of science and philosophy of science. She organized a group, called ‘Muse S’ with her colleague, conducting a variety of experiments that constitute the linkages between the science and the public. One of the examples is a play, ‘Ramyun ensemble.’
  • Sey Min
    Sey Min worked at MIT lab and founded ‘Randomworks’, a media art studio for data visualization. Through visualizing data, her goal is to raise people’s awareness and cause behavioral changes. She is interested in Government 2.0 and opening of public data. She has been chosen as the very first Korean TED Fellow.
  • TaeHee Kim
    Taehee Kim majored in technology at University of A-jou and Engineering Artificial Intelligence at University of Edinburgh. Then he turned his eyes to science of arts. He pays much attention to installation art that triggers interaction between robots and human beings. He is currently a professor at the Department of Game Content at University of Youngsan.
  • YunJung Ko
    Yunjung Ko majored in Social Welfare at Pusan National University. She worked as a social worker. At Bansong Middle School, she cut down half the number of absent students. She also assisted drop-out students as a part of Hope Ladder Movement at Haeundae Office of Education. Now she works for Busan Culture Foundation.
  • HyeonSeung Shin
    While Hyeonseung Shin engaging in teaching position at private academies, he discovered that children with high self-esteem is more likely to be gifted children. He insists that people should decrease unnecessary private education. Instead, children need self-directed learning. Above all, communication between parents and children is the most important. He is operating an academy focusing on review rather than preview.
  • ImSoon Park
    Imsoon Park resigned as an educator after working for 22 years at middle school level. Then, she just left Korea to travel around the world with family. With that practical experience, she published a book, called “The World is a School, To Travel is To Study.” Currently, she plays an active role in Education Foundation, Independent Children Project Institute, Christian Alternative Education Center.
  • JungMin Lee
    JungMin Lee is a representative dancer in Busan, whose dance styles are based on Popping. He was a performance manager of ‘Ballerina Who loves B-Boy’ in 2011 in Busan. He has also been invited to Busan International Dance Festival and International Performance Art in Busan, as a guest dancer to perform. Currently, cooperating with artists from other regions, he presents improvisational and experimental dance performance.

Venue and Details

부산대학교 대학본부동 3층 대회의실
부산대학교 대학본부동
South Korea

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