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San José, Costa Rica
February 21st, 2013

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Francisco Paz
    Musician and airplane mechanic is developing a mechanism based in neuroplasticity to help the deaf hear.
  • Libia Herrero
    PhD in Microbiology from London University, retired from UCR, talks about the microbes that inhabit us
  • Roberto Rigobon
    Full professor at MIT Sloane, uses the Internet to figure out national statistics (like inflation) on a daily basis
  • José Gamboa
    Costarican designer, works in Atlanta and promotes sketching as a design tool, has designed Italian sports cars
  • Zarhay Arroyo
    Musician and entrepreneur has developed a new way for everyone to learn to red music
  • Irving Wadalsky-Berger
    retired from IBM, where he lead the e-business initiative in early 90's, now consults fro Citi on digital money and its possible impact on emerging economies
  • Gustavo Stolovitsky
    Computaional biologist with IBM, has developed a new way to asses scientific developments, called DREAM (dialogue for research evaluation and assessment method)
  • Oscar Portuguez
    Fireman and poet, promotes the use the firefighting approach to everyday life
  • Felipe y María José Castillo
    Nine year old twins, well on their way to become concert pianists
  • Norval Calvo
    Extremely talented comedian
  • Andrew Nemr
    Tap dancer and TED Fellow
  • Usman Riaz
    Artist and composer, percussion guitarist and TED Fellow
  • Nicolás Mendoza
    Colombian Architect and PhD student at Hong Kong City University, who promotes the collaborative Economy
  • Carlos De la Rosa
    Ecologist and Director of the La Selva Biological Station for the organization of Tropical Studies. believes that technology can not only help biology researchers but also allow to share the research stations beauty without causing any damage
  • Glenda Umaña
    CNN en Español anchor
  • Enrique Margery
    Educator and researcher proposes a new learning paradigm
  • Martin von Hildebrand
    German ethnologist with over 40 years living with indians in the Colombian Amazons, is a great advocate in the defense of their cultures and their lands

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Venue and Details

Auditorio Nacional
Museo de los Niños
San José,
Costa Rica

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San Jose, Costa Rica

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