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Theme: Really Close

Lipcani, Moldova
July 4th, 2012

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About this event

TEDxLipcaniPrison will enable the youths inside the Lipcani prison to gain knowledge and experience for their self-development to be able to play fair and integrate in society when they get out of Lipcani.

TEDxLipcaniPrison however will at the same time change the stereotypes of youths outside Lipcani about how a punishment only lasts as long as the judges decide and that it shouldn't expand to the criminal's whole life.

It is thus important to ensure that young people who made a mistake get the chance to correct it. It is important to ensure that social inclusion of young people who had been in prison can take place and that there is an understanding of both sides and a will to communicate and live together happily.

Confirmed Speakers

  • YAN FELDMAN Psychologist, Jungian psychotherapist
    Holds two Bachelor degrees, first in Management from the Institute of Management of the Moldovan State University and the second one in Psychology from Moscow State University. He studied Jungian Psychoanalysis at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis and then continued by obtaining Masters in Psychology from the Free International University in Moldova and a PhD program in Psychology from the Moldovan State University. Yan worked as an international expert for different UN, Governmental and non-governmental projects in 10 countries on 3 continents and now is private psychological practician in Kishinev. He likes theater, modern art, literature, cinematography and intellectual games.
  • ELENA ZUZA Psychologist
    Elena is a young psychologist, who just graduated from Free International University of Moldova. She wrote her final thesis on „Report of adaptability and young prisoner’s value profile”. She had internships in prison, where she worked with prisoners, doing tests, talking with them, and trying to provide psychological support. Also she had internship in hospital; she participated in a lot of trainings and was involved in projects about domestic violence, human traffic and social problems. Right now Elena is one of ULIM’s students who participate in “Summer Schools in Social Policy” organized under the aegis of York University College of New York in collaboration with the Free International University of Moldova and the State Medical University “Nicolae Testemițeanu”. She is interested in behavioral psychology, intercultural psychology, juridical psychology, psychotherapy and positive humanist psychological conciliation.
  • ARTUR BUFNEAC Ex Convict
    He’s 46 years old, 19 of which being a drug addict and 5 years in a prison. At 40 when he got used to the idea that his life is over, some employees from “NEW Life” NGO proposed him to undergo rehabilitation in a therapeutic facility. After a successful rehab he volunteered in the same organization and until today is working coordinating programs in prisons of Moldova. Three years ago he got married with a beautiful woman, which gave birth to 3 amazing kids. From a person who lost the meaning of life he now became a very happy man.

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str. Independenţei, 108

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Elena Zgardan
Chisinau, Moldova

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