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Theme: The Success of Failure

This event occurred on
December 1, 2012
3:00pm - 8:00pm UTC
(UTC +0hrs)

El éxito del Fracaso
Desafiar la percepción actual del riesgo y el error en Chile, ofreciendo una nueva perspectiva de cómo aceptar el fracaso puede ser la principal fuente de desarrollo personal y social.
The Success of Failure
To challenge the current perception of risk and failure in Chile and offer new perspectives on how accepting failure may be the single biggest source for personal and societal development.

Universidad del Desarrollo
Plaza 680
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Magic Twins

Magic Twins (Nicolás Luisetti and Jean Paul Olhaberry) describe the importance of trying and failing in daily life just like they have been doing in their work. For them magic helps questioning ourselves daily in order to find new ways. This pair of illusionists with their Magic Hall and their acclaimed shows, have revolutionized Chilean magic, becoming a reference in the Chilean artistic scene.

Maria Teresa Ruíz

Astronomer María Teresa Ruiz believes that mistakes and errors are part of our DNA and because of that they are also source of great discoveries and unconceivable non-target positive consequences. Among many distinctions she is the first women to receive the Chilean National Price of Physic Sciences. A specialist in the study of dwarf stars, she discover a supernova, two planetary nebulae and the first brown dwarf star.

Maria Emilia Correa

Sustainability expert Maria Emilia Correa is associate of Triciclo, the first B corporation in Chile, she describes the opportunity brought with the B corporations as a different way to see companies. ¨Creating the best companies FOR the world and not of the world¨. She invites to take a stand of this new redefinition of success and by creating change create a better world.

Felipe Izquierdo

Felipe Izquierdo uses his well known absurd humour to describe the history of humanity through mistakes, giving the strange opportunity for laughs but also for thoughts. A comedian and multifaceted actor, he combines social critic and irony in his shows. He is also very well known for his daily radio program and as the owner of HV internet tv channel

Juan Cristobal Guarello

Outside of his known scope as a sports journalist, Juan Cristobal Guarello delivers a talk where he challenges the current thinking of what success and successful means. He stands against the thin definition made by social pressure and the media and proposes to take action outside of labels.

Iván Poduje

Architect Ivan Poduje delivers a powerful talk asking questions about what a successful city means. He describes the history of the urbanization of Santiago as an apparent success that is creating many problems, he proposes ways to transform and reconquer the public space.

Nicolás López

With great humour filmmaker Nicolas Lopez describes each of his longfeatures in an extreme roller-coaster of successes and failures that were impossible to forecast.

Germán Recabarren

Dive-master and rescuer Germán Recabarren describes his recent project ¨Travel to the rescue of memory¨ as an initiative to stand for a different set of mind of outsiders and a legacy for future generations regarding the remote -and bashed- island of Robinson Crusoe (Chile).

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Santiago, Chile
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