x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Terr(hist)oires

This event occurred on
December 1, 2012
1:00am - 11:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Bordeaux, B

This 2d edition of TEDxBordeaux takes place on december, 1st at Theatre national Bordeaux en Aquitaine (TnBA) 12 speakers will address a 150 passionate audience for a max. 18 mn conference. Aquinum, the regional professional association gathering digital workers in Aquitaine-France Region, holds the organization of this TEDx. This year's program will turn around notions such as terroir, history, territories... a notion included in the ad-hoc word "Terr(hist)oires". Most of the talks will be given in french language. More information following the links above. Welcome at TEDxBordeaux on december, 1st!

Théâtre national de Bordeaux en Aquitaine
Place Renaudel
Bordeaux, B, 33000
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Karim Lapp

Biomimicry inspiration for sustainable territories: a scientific looks at the environment from the point of view of biomimicry. Engineer specializing in urban ecology and biomimicry, Karim Lapp invites us to read our territory, the city, through a special look. Karim was successively advisor in sustainable development and biodiversity in the city of Paris and the Ile-de-France region. He is now responsible for the climate plan of the Ile de France and Secretary General of the non-profit Biomimicry Europa.

Jérôme "@JCFrog" Choain

The "Tweet & Share" : a blogger adapt an old French pop tube to evoke a modern reality. Jerome Choain alias @JCFrog is the author of a famous and hilarious blog. He is also the creator of the license "CB": "Any article or picture produced under license Complete Bullshit (CB) is recognized futility public. Everything is openly fake and scandalously false, generally in the only hope for increase the ambient LOLness". He specially created for TEDxBordeaux a new video parody on the theme of "terroir": The Tweet & Share.

Sandrine Pacitto Mathou

Crossed destinies in African land: a journalist travels Africa and its recent history through the voices of its inhabitants. Freelance journalist, Sandrine's territory is the world and the voices of the people she meets, known or unknown, to get their words in a climate of trust she especially likes to create. She talks about a recent work she achieved in West Africa and, more accurately, about the importance of time in her approach. "Radio is a voice, as well as silences and imagination..." A media modest, as she is.

Dominique Careil

Nomads, our neighbors yesterday and today: a mediator "bilingual Gypsy" translates the codes and languages of modern nomads. The territory of Dominique Careil is the universe of Gypsies. In recent years, it has become "bilingual Gypsy" as he says himself. Dominique offers us another look at the neighbors of yesterday and today. We meet them everyday and we do not know them, only through social biases... Dominique's credo is "Knowing the other to better live with them."

Stéphane Faure

What territory for the present moment? Stéphane has lived for 15 years in the present moment. This is his territory. Former Buddhist monk, he now works with patients and caregivers by offering a stress management protocol, created by doctors in the United States in the 70s. This method based on secular meditation practices is now used in more than 200 U.S. clinics and taught worldwide.

Corentin de Chatelperron

Jute do it! A young adventurer embarks offshore to save the economy of a country. Corentin is a modern-day adventurer. Young engineer gone to Bangladesh to work on a project of shipyard, this experience convinces him the technical skills of the West must serve developing countries in accordance with their local know-how. He then undertook a research project in accordance with those beliefs...

Mourad Djebel

Words, childhood and wonder : a writer immerses himself in the stories of his childhood. Mourad left Algeria in 1994 to West Africa, then France. Architect and urban planner, he devoted several years to write. Starting from a recent and singular text he wrote, diving into the world of his childhood and stories, he is wondering about intangible heritages, how people receives and perceives the words.

Halim Madi

Biohacking: increased life: a nano-economist recounts his trans-humanist experience. Halim Madi is an active member of the TED community, he has participated in several conferences as speaker and organizer, the latest being the TEDxPanthéonSorbonne 2012. This young economist explores digital data... First, to improve the methodology of economics, then, today, in the field of nutrition, dietetics and sport, aiming at optimizing not only his personal health, but life in general.

Mariane Jauffret

Building with roots and wings : a builder of houses makes them grow roots and wings. Marianne has built her house, living this experience as a human adventure. She forged the evidence of the benefits of the use of local materials for homes. Today, she coaches people who want to engage in this process and support the preservation of traditional knowledge.


Beasty not only lives in Bordeaux but also lives on the planet "beatbox", the artist recorded history multivocaliste force voice, bass, and percussion rhythms. Since 2006, it runs through the battles and hip-hop scenes of Europe, ranking this year among the world's top eight. Here's an unusual one-man band ...

Nicolas Gaume

Heroes and Men: a conqueror of digital universes tells the story of the heroes from yesterday to today. For over 22 years, Nicolas lives in the territories of virtual game, as an entrepreneur, producer and avid gamer. Born between the Landes pines and the water of the Bassin of Arcachon, he also has strong roots here. He examines the role of heroic characters in our leisure time and more generally in our lives, he shares with us his thoughts on today's heroes: what they reveal about our connections to others, how, beyond entertainment, they build our new living spaces.

Jean-Pierre Xiradakis

The gesture of "Croustade" The territory of Jean-Pierre Xiradakis is the intimacy of the kitchen. Defender of the local cuisine for 30 years through its various activities (food, TV, radio, publishing), it is now committed to an ambitious project to create links with the Mediterranean countries, identify the gestures and how-to knowledge of the heritage of gastronomy in each country and understand what happens when they migrate to another culture.

David Abiker

To conclude, or not! David is a columnist for French broadcast radio Europe1 and Canal Plus TV channel. He collaborates with several newspapers including Marie Claire and L'Express. He had to conclude the afternoon with his wit and humor.

Irina Dobre

"Acasà" A specialist in intercultural issues asks a simple question: the link between our homeland and our identity. Irina asks us to an intimate and personal relationship to the question of our land. She asked about our roots, our worldview, our ability to move in space and time, our relationship to each other. Irina specializes in multiculturalism, she comes from another country and has built his family here, in Bordeaux.

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