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Theme: Shift

Tallinn, Estonia
May 4th, 2012

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About this event

"Shift" is change in a system, which occurs during its operation. A change in behavior, way of thinking, perception. "Shift" is a qualitative change. It's about acting or thinking differently, rather then doing more or less of something.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Julia Laffranque
    She has one of the most outstanding careers in the Estonian legal landscape. Julia has been the youngest judge of the Estonian Supreme Court, and fought for the independence of the judiciary as the chair of the Consultative Council of European Judges. For this, the organization was recognized by the Justice in the World foundation. The prize has been compared to the Nobel Prize in legal science.
  • Jaan Aru
    Despite his young age he has published several international scientific articles, and is the co-author of the book "Tähelepan ja teadvus" ("Attention and consciousness", in Estonian, with Talis Bachmann). Jaan educates Estonian readers in his popular brainscience and consciousness blog teadvus.wordpress.com. Jaan is about to graduate his PhD studies at Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Randal A. Koene
    Randal's research is centered on how to decode and simulate brain processes on computers and to find out, if and how could we possibly transfer mind to a non-biological substrate that is needed in patient-specific neuroprostheses. He is also working on the feasibility and roadmap to whole brain emulation.
  • Tom Bieling
    A visiting professor at the German University in Cairo (GUC; Faculty of Applied Sciences & Art), PhD candidate at the Design Research Lab of the University of the Arts. He investigates on constructive relationships between bodies, things and interaction, with a major focus on the coherence between design and disability.
  • Andres Lehtmets
    Head of the psychiatric center at the Western-Tallinn Central Hospital, and the President of the Estonian Association of Psychiatrists. Andres is interested in problems conserning human treatment related ethics and human rights. From 1997, he has been involved as an expert on missions for the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. Since 2006 he has been a member of the Estonian Medical Association Ethics Committee.
  • Steve Omohundro
    He is the president of Self-Aware Systems, a company which is developing a new kind of semantic software technology.a new kind of software that can re-program itself. Steve is the co-author of programming languages Star Lisp and Sather, wrote the 3D-graphics system for Mathematica. He was a computer science professor at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and cofounded the Center for Complex Systems Research. He has worked on new neural networks techniques, machine learning algorithms and has built systems which learn to read lips, control robots, induce grammars and search in digital picture databases.
  • Robert J. Pefferly
    A mathematician, computer scientist and business man with a wide spectrum. He started his university studies in the U.S. Army Coast Guard Academy, continued in California and gained his PhD degree from Edinburgh. Rob has been involved in various scientific and educational projects, academic organizations, government agencies and private sector in both the U.S. and Europe. He is currently working as a lecturer at the Estonian Business School in Tallinn. His attention is focused on data analysis and mathematical modeling.
  • Kalev H. Leetaru
    His award-winning work centers on the application of high performance computing to grand challenge problems using news and open sources intelligence. Kalev has been programming computers since childhood and started his first web company in the 8th grade. Kalev's numerous following projects have been increasingly interdisciplinary and global..
  • Anzori Barkalaja
    Warden for the preservation of local culture and a promoter of social ideas. Anzori has gathered knowledge from the indigenous peoples of Siberia and Canada, and defended a PhD thesis about ethnography at the University of Tartu. Among other things he has been writing lyrics for songs, and is currently the head of the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy.
  • Anders Sandberg
    Swedish scientist, futurist and philosopher, works at Oxford University. Sandberg's research centres on societal and ethical issues surrounding human enhancement and new technology and also global catastrophic risks. Anders has been Chairman of Swedish Transhumanist Association and is also active at the Oxford Transhumanist Society.
  • Hannes Tamjärv
    Entrepreneur and founder of the Rocca al Mare School, who calls himself an excited student. He has said: "If you have been given abilities and opportunities, then you also have an obligation to use them. Use them to change the world for the better." Hannes has been highly active in several areas from banking to energy, and is also closely related to supporting social entrepreneurship via the Good Deed Foundation.
  • Teele Pehk
    Teele is a former Leader of Urban Lab "Linnalabor"
  • "Jagaspace" Band
    JAGASPACE is a new Estonian band started in early 2010. It consists of the members of the acclaimed group Kirtana Rasa (Kaushalya and Alexandr Kardash), joined by Paavo Eensalu (ex Cloudspeak) and Denis Vinogradov (DJ Tapecut, ex-Sumerki) who is also active in the local club scene. By combining exotic instuments and electronics Jagaspace creates a harmonious blend of ethnic music with hints to ambient and indie music, filling the space with Nordic clarity and warm Oriental scent. The electroshamanistic soundscapes of Jagaspace combine the most organic elements of acoustic and electronic realms. They value melodies, harmony, depth and natural flow. Kaushalya's ethereal voice can be heard in several languages. They play their own songs, some ancient mantras and improvisations.

Venue and Details

Theatre NO99
Sakala 3
Tallinn, 10141
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