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Theme: "Collective Genius"

Jacksonville, FL, United States
October 20th, 2012

About this event

The RiversideAvondale neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida, is the creative epicenter of North Florida. TEDxRiversideAvondale will celebrate the manifestations of that creativity; people, places, and ideas....the "collective genius" of our presenters, musicians, audience, and volunteers.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Bert Herring, MD
    Bert graduated from Texas A&M School of Medicine with his eye on a surgical career, so he was pretty happy to be selected for a surgical internship at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. Surgical residency would have to wait, though, until he repaid his U.S. Navy scholarship obligation with a three-year Marine Corps infantry battalion tour. Bert’s Marine tours delivered a first hand introduction to the complexity of problems on an international scale as he fulfilled his duties in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm and in Okinawa, Japan. Confronting the realities of global problems, his interest in surgery waned. While surgery would allow him to fix problems one person at a time, cancer research would open the possibility for small discoveries to benefit thousands or even millions. Bert secured a cancer research position in the National Cancer Institutes (NIH). His work at NIH yielded a new model for testing cancer treatments and although the model is still used, it was Bert’s effort to squeeze more research work between the time constraints of child care obligations that became his first application of a “Study of One,” which sparked the Fast-5 flame. Fast-5, the weight-loss tool Bert researched, named and then shared with the world via an open-source online book, has spread across six continents through word of mouth communication, has been translated into four languages and has helped thousands of people solve an overweight or obesity problem that for many had become “unsolvable.”
  • Roger Nierenberg
    Charismatic, inspirational, passionate about his art, Roger Nierenberg carries with him all of the hallmarks of a great artist. As a conductor, he has performed around the world, coaxing his orchestras to new and higher levels of performance and providing his audiences with peak musical experiences. Roger has pioneered new ways to help companies and their executive teams improve their own performances in the workplace. Using the orchestra to stand for any dynamic organization, he shows companies how to bring their people together to work towards positive change to their organizations.
  • Kevin Songer
    Development of the urban environment has led to the removal of volumetric green, triggering significant storm water and pollution issues, prompting the disappearance of wildlife communities and eliminating the lifestyle benefits commonly associated with agriculture. Kevin will share his vision and advances with sustainable, nature-irrigated green roof systems, explaining their critical importance to the future of our communities.
  • Wayne Wood
    Widely regarded as one of the foremost chroniclers of Duval County’s history and architecture, Wayne is called “the undisputed godfather of preservation in Jacksonville.” He raises concerns about the ownership of history, restoration vs. renovation, when modern becomes historic and landmarks of the future. In his presentation, Wayne will explore the dynamics of historic preservation from both a national and local perspective.
  • Al Letson
    An acclaimed poet and performer, Al enjoys national recognition and devoted fans. His NPR radio show State of the Re:Union (SOTRU) is currently in its third season and can be heard on over 200 stations across the country. With his unique and engaging style, Al will share “How I Learned to Fly,” a mix of multi-media, performance and story telling, that highlights his journey from nerdy comic book aficionado to renowned poet and radio host.
  • Parvez Ahmed
    The concept of sustainability has become a key driver of innovation and competitiveness. As the Director of the newly established Center for Sustainable Business Practices at UNF, nobody appreciates this more than Parvez. In his presentation, we will learn about the roots of sustainability, what it means in terms of both education and business best-practices and what we can expect in the future.
  • William Miller
    For more than 25 years, William C. Miller has been an internationally recognized expert on values-centered corporate innovation – both as head of the Innovation Management program at SRI International (Stanford Research Institute, in the mid-1980’s) and as president of the Global Creativity Corporation. He has been named numerous times by Leadership Excellence as among the top 30 thought-leaders worldwide on the subject of leadership, and major corporations in more than a dozen countries have sought his advice, including AT&T, Charles Schwab, Chevron, Compaq, Disney Institute, Dow Elanco, DuPont, Eli Lilly, Exxon Chemical, Ford Motor, HCL Technologies, HP, IBM, Infosys, Kraft Foods, Levi Strauss, Motorola, Nike, Northern Telecom, Philips Electronics, Pillsbury, Pizza Hut, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Searle Pharmaceutical, Shell Canada, Taco Bell, and 3M.
  • Jon Cowart
    A world-class rocket scientist by every definition, Jon has been a longstanding member of the NASA space exploration team – working on highly visible and engaging projects including the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. Jon will share his unique perspective, anticipating the future of technology and space exploration by looking back at what’s been accomplished and where we’ve been.

Venue and Details

Friday Musicale
645 Oak Street
Jacksonville, FL, 32204
United States
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