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Theme: Communication+Authenticity

This event occurred on
April 1, 2012
2:00pm - 6:00pm (UTC +8hrs)

“Factory 798″, also known as 798 Art Zone in North-East Beijing, is the largest and most influential art district in China that houses a thriving artist community and hosts world-class international and Chinese exhibits. It is where the event host UCCA is located. However, “Factory 798″ stands far more than a place name. “Factory” being the core originator and catalyst of the modern world stands for growth, innovation and change. The three digit number “798″ symbolizes the country’s cutting edge art movement led by a new generation of change makers. TEDxFactory798 embraces original ideas in a burgeoning country using the third eye’s perspective to observe the ecology of design, architecture and art in China. Our 2012 Theme “Communication: Authenticity” 我们2012年的主题“返璞归真” Forms of communication are increasingly moving away from traditional human forms toward entities less attached to human interaction. Technological progress and the emergence of different electronic communication networks have paved the way to new definitions. What is the new definition of communication and is it as authentic as the first? Our theme “Communication: Authenticity” references this and our program invites speakers that divulge their communication through different media and processes to provide answers. Our goal is to connect these people together with a common action that presents a greater meaning. 20年前如果提起沟通,我们的第一反应很可能是人与人、面对面的互动;今天,由于技术的发展和通信工具的进步,沟通已经部分脱离了“人”的概念,变得模糊但更加生动。当今时代背景下的沟通如何定义?它是否还和过去一样真实?2012年TEDxFactory798的主题活动“返璞归真”试图给出答案。我们邀请的演讲人有各自的沟通方式和媒介,希望通过他们的答案,我们能彼此连接,用一种共同的行动阐述一个比表象更宏大的意义。 Session 1: The Analyst 解析者 Data is not useful until it becomes information, and that’s because data is hard for human beings to digest. Before there was a data surplus we treated it as precious. Now that there is we can’t understand what is and what isn’t. How do we return to the previous while finding meaning and value of the new? 与信息相比,原始数据的价值有限,因为后者不能被人们直接利用。在连原始数据都很匮乏的年代,越多的数据意味着越多的信息和越强的优势,因此数据盈余弥足珍贵。然而现在,我们浸溺于信息洪流中,难辨方向,不分真伪。如何避免信息冗余的嘈杂影响,同时找到信息洪流的价值和意义? Session 2: The Engineer 工程师 From PC to iPhone, from Email to Facebook, from QQ to Weibo, we have constructed a new spectrum of communication tools. We use social media to engineer a new form of self. What is this new you? 从PC到iPhone,从Email到Facebook,从QQ到微博,沟通工具像光一样,普照着我们能看见和不能看见的社会领域和层面。光创造了阴影,生出了变化;类似的,沟通工具,如社交媒体塑造了一种新的自我形式,让这个时代变得更丰富也更难以捉摸。对你来说,哪些事物让你觉得新奇、紧张或激动? Session 3: The Source 起源 Monologues are wherein the speaker or writer addresses an imaginary person, inanimate object, or idea. In writing they have no apostrophes, meaning they are not spoken but are internal. Where does the idea come from and how does it change the moment it is let out? 讲者和作家通过独白的形式勾勒出一个虚拟的人物,或者静止的物体,或者一个想法。他们在写作中未曾使用省略符号,从而不会张扬表达,却将所有的涵义内质化。而想法本身从哪里来呢?而它是怎样改变表达出来的那个时刻的呢?

No.4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, P.O. Box 8503, Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100015
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Beijing, China

Joey Foster

Doha, Qatar