x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Ideas for our World

This event occurred on
November 6, 2010
12:00pm - 6:30pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Como, 25

A wide range of ideas and experiences from various disciplines of Science, Technology and Society.The program of TEDxLakeComo 2010 has taken place in three areas. The first area being entitled Reinvented Nature. The control over the environment, the exploitation of resources, the protection of diseases have generated unimaginable advances along with new risks. Today humanity is facing the next step, that of comprehension and that of exploitation of the life mechanisms. The second area has been entitled Overturning Paradigms; using a different perspective and overturning consolidated models of interpretation of our world is an exercise that can lead to an approach to reality that is both constructive and efficient. The third and last area has been called Looking Beyond, now considered to be urgent for a society in which institutions, businesses and individuals find it harder and harder to create objectives beyond the short term.
The format of TEDxLakeComo 2010 will include two conversation breaks, a lunch and a coffee break, during which the participants have interacted among themselves and with the guest speakers.

Auditorium Politecnico MI, Polo di Como
Via Castelnuovo, 7
Como, 25, 22100
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Vanni Beltrami

Surgeon and Anthropologist. Former Full Professor of Clinical Surgery and Dean of the Università di Chieti and later at the Sapienza in Rome, he worked actively as a surgeon for nearly forty years with various periods spent in African countries. He was graduated with and MA with a Thesis in Cultural Anthropology and very often travels the Sahara, studying the nature, prehistory and the Nomad population.

Valentina Bosetti

Climate Change Economist. Winner of the prestigious grand ERC (European Research Council) with the project ICARUS (Innovation for climate change mitigation: a study of energy R&D, its uncertain effectiveness and spillovers) that will take place at the FEEM (Foundazione Eni Enrico Mattei), in Milan, leading his group of research on the economic models and the politics of climatic change. Valentina Bosetti is back from a period of research in Princeton, USA at the Princeton Environmental Institute. She has a PhD in Mathematical Computational and Operational Research from the Università Statale di Milano in 2003, a Masters of Sciences (MSc) in Environmental and Resources Economics at the University College London, UK 1999 and a degree with honors in Environmental Sciences at the Università Bicocca in Milan, 1997.

Ilaria Capua

Virologist. Currently Head of the Virology Department at Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie, Padova, Italy and Head of the National, FAO and OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) Reference Laboratories for Avian Influenza and Newcastle disease. She coordinates National and International research projects and promotes free and readily available on-line sharing of scientific data. The publication Science dedicated a profile to her defining her as a researcher with character who brings together scientific expertise with great determination. Among her many awards she won the Scientific American 50 award assigned to the 50 best researchers throughout the world (2007) and was included among a select few considered to be Revolutionary Minds cited in the American publication SEED indicating her as one of the leaders of the scientific culture worldwide who has most influenced our way of viewing the world (2008). In 2009 UNAMSI (Unione Nazionale Medico Scientifica d’Informazione) awarded her with the “Grande Ippocrate” award as Medical Researcher of the year.

Cesare Galli

Veterinary Engineer. Founding member and managing director of Avantea, for which Cesare Galli heads the sector for research on cloning animals and transgenesis, involving the creation of model animals for biomedical purposes. He was graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine followed by a PhD at Cambridge University (UK) from which his multiple interests and scientific contributions stem; he continued in Italy in the biotechnology of reproduction; from the production of the embryo in vitro to the embryonic stem cells to the somatic cloning of the bovine, equine and swine. In 1999 he obtained the first clone of an adult bull and in 2003 the first equine clone in the world. In 2008 he received the Simmet Award for the ICAR for Animal Reproduction testifying to his significant scientific applicative contributions. Previously President of the European Association of Embryo Transfer he is presently Associate Professor of Biotechnology of Reproduction at the University of Bologna.

Sara Hejazi

Journalist and Anthropologist. Born in Mashad, in north-east Iran, Sara Hejazi grew up between Italy and the United States. Since 2001 she has concentrated on cultural anthropology in Iran and Italy, carrying out research on Islamic mysticism, the concept of cultural identity, the veil, and new migratory trends. Since 2009 she has been working with Il Sole 24 Ore; Vita e Micromega. She is presently teaching Environment Anthropology at Saint John International University in Vinovo. Aracne published her books entitled ” L’Islam S-Velato” and “ L’altro Islamico”..

Carlo Maria Nartoni

Composer and Performer. Carlo Maria Nartoni has held concerts in prominent theatres in Italy and abroad and he has been a stable pianist for the “Civica Jazz Band” in Milan directed by Enrico Intra. He has performed with prestigious musicians such as Ambrosetti, Wheeler, Cerri, Rava, Trovesi, Aberg. Alex Stangoni is presently teaching at the Accademia Musicale Italiana in Monza. He is the founder of Wasabi 4th, an avant-garde jazz quartet and is the stable component of the Around to Cage Trio of Enrico Intra.

Rosario Nunzio Mantegna

Econophysicist. A physicist committed to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. Rosario Mantegna was one of the founders of Econophysics; a discipline that studies the economic and social systems by applying concepts of Physics Statistics. He carried out research at MPI fuer Quantenoptik (Germany) and the Center for Polymer Studies at Boston University (USA). In 1999 at the University of Palermo he founded, the Observatory of Complex Systems; an organization that analyzes various complex systems conducting empirical analyses of an observational nature which make use of great quantities of data.

Giorgio Metta

Robotic Bio-Engineer. Senior scientist at the IIT ( International Insttute of Technology ) and assistant professor at the University of Genoa where he teaches courses on anthropomorphic robotics and intelligent systems for the bioengineering curricula. He holds a MS with honors (in 1994) and PhD (in 2000) in electronic engineering both from the University of Genoa. From 2001 to 2002 he was postdoctoral associate at the MIT AI-Lab where he worked on various humanoid robotic platforms. His research activities are in the fields of biologically motivated and humanoid robotics and in particular in developing life-long developing artificial systems that show some of the abilities of natural systems. His research developed in collaboration with leading European and international scientists from different disciplines like neuroscience, psychology, and robotics.

Simone Molteni

Eco-sustainability Manager. A thinker and an eco-compatable manager who after a period as a researcher with the Laboratory of Solar Energy in Lucerne , is active in three sectors: Enery, Environment and Innovation. She is the scientific director of LifeGate and responsible for Impact Zero, the first project to deal with climatic change 5 years before the Kyoto Protocol She was the youngest board member in national research organizations such as ENEA and ERSE (ex CESI Ricerca). He was a member of the commission for Ecolabel and Ecoaudit created by the European Commission. He received the American Swiss American NETS (New Entrepreneurs for Technology and Science) prize, the nomination for the NETS Ambassador for the coaching of a start-up of high technological content, the Rotary prize for professionalism, the gold medal from the city of Milano and the Paul Harris Fellow Award. At the age of 18 he organized and led three humanitarian expeditions to Croatia during the civil war.

Moni Ovadia

Actor, Author and Director. He is considered to be one of the most prestigious artists and popular men of culture on the Italian scene today. His musical theatre, inspired by Yiddish culture which he helped to bring to the public’s attention and to which he gave a more contemporary reading, is the only one of its kind in Italy and in Europe. Included in his repertoire are Dybbuk, Ballata di fine millennio, Il caso Kafka, Mame, mamele, mamma, mamà… Il Banchiere errante and L’Armata a cavallo, the stories of Mr. Keuner, up to the more recent Shylock, The Merchant of Venice. His public embraces all of the generations. He is also known for his constant political and civil commitment in support of rights and peace. (photo Settanni).

Roberto Piumini

A man of words. Author and translator of poetry and prose, theatrical texts, musical operas and lyrics. He has had countless published works. He reaches readers of every age, above all in the world of the performing arts, on his own or with fellow artists. (

Bruno Pozzobon

Social Entrepreneur. After receiving his diploma, Bruno Pozzobon worked as a factory worker and became active as a labor organizer/trade unionist at the CISL of Treviso. Since 1977, as part of CISL, he began to promote the Cooperation and helped start up cooperatives in the Province of Treviso. From the mid 1980’s, he began and continued to support social programs in Veneto. In 1991 in Castelfranco Veneto, he began the Cooperativa Sociale L’incontro, of which he continues to be president, which provides services to the elderly and people with serious psychiatric disabilities providing the latter with an innovative model of re-education and rehabilitation going exclusively through the workplace initially assisted by the Centri Lavorativi Guidati and later inside social cooperatives favoring the introduction into the workforce. The group L’incontro encouraged the start of other cooperatives that since 2002 have become aggregates of the Consorzio in Concerto, which presently includes 20 cooperatives providing work to more than 1200 working members, of which 200 working members are underprivileged and has an annual turnover of 45 million euro.

Carlo Ratti

Agit-prop and Inventor. Architect and Engineer who runs the firm Carlorattiassociati ( ) in Torino, Italy, and teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he founded the MIT SENSEable City Lab in 2004. The Lab explores the real-time city by studying the increasing deployment of sensors and hand-held electronics and their relationship to the built environment. TIME Magazine listed Carlo Ratti’s Digital Water Pavilion in Zaragoza, Spain as one of the Best Inventions of the Year. He was included in Esquire Magazine’s Best & Brightest list in 2008 and Blueprint Magazine’s List of 25 Who Will Change the World of Design in 2010. He is currently working on a nanotech project that envisions life in 2050 for the Venice Biennale and is opening a research center in Singapore as part of a $35 million MIT-led initiative on the Future of Urban Mobility.

Franco Sacchi

Independent filmmaker. His documentary, Nollywood that portrays the emerging African film industry won the audience award at the Abuja International Film Festival, and was broadcast in South African (SABC-1), in The UK (SKY-ARTS) and numerous other networks in Europe and America. Waiting for Armageddon his most recent film explores American Christian fundamentalism and was positively reviewed during its theatrical distribution. Franco teaches regularly directing and editing courses and he was a filmmaker in residence for several years at the Center for digital Imaging Arts of Boston University. He is also co-founder and executive director of the Nollywood workshop an organization whose goal is creating innovative public-private model for funding Nollywood films, and supporting positive social change. Franco was born in Zambia and grew up in Italy. Today he lives in Cambridge Massachusetts.

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