x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
January 27, 2010
1:00am - 1:00am (UTC +1hrs)

The first TEDx conference organized in Hungary offered a program of 27 intensive and inspiring talks arranged into 5 sessions. <b>Session 1: A World We Could Live In</b> We embark on our journey as we glimpse into a world of our possibilities, into a world that would simply make more sense, and a world that is quite possible… · The Surprising Science of Motivation – Daniel Pink (TED-Talk) · Social Psychology – Paszkál Kiss · Stepping Out of the Moral Matrix – Jonathan Haidt (TED-Talk) · Yesismore, rabbit hole and architecture – Ádám Hatvani · Designing Living Spaces – Bjarke Ingels (TED-Talk) <b>Session 2: The Spirit of Change</b> If we want something different, we need to change and make change. But what is the nature of the change we need? How do we start? What is the direction? · The Fabric of Reality –Albert László Barabási · What the Future Holds… – Mindboggling Science – Juan Enriquez (TED-Talk) · What Makes Us Happy? – Martin Seligman (TED-Talk) · The Hungarian Psyche – László Mérő · On Practical Wisdom – Barry Schwartz (TED-Talk) · Leading Beyond Authority – Márton Svékus · Powerful Art and Science of a Changing World: Time-lapse Proof of Extreme Ice Loss – James Balog (TED-Talk) <b>Session 3: Building a Better Future</b> Our journey continues as we now open the tool box: powerful ideas, perspectives and techniques we could use to do what we do in a different and better way… · Living Technologies – Dr. Rachel Armstrong · Triple Accounting: How to Merge Human, Corporate and Financial Values – Michel de Kemmeter · From Thermograph to Poetry Bean – Melinda Sipos · Strange Meeting – Linda Kovács–Márton Fenyvesi Duo · Going “GREEN”: Passive House and a Hay School – György Mihály · Pigcity – Sustainable Utopia – Sándor Finta <b>Session 4: A Different Point of View</b> And what if we changed our mindset? How could we look at our usual world from a vantage point that reveals new meaning and opens new doors? · Wake up... Half of It is Gone! – Zsolt Hetesi · How the World Sees Us? – Attila Marján · Wikipedia About Hungary – András Vicsek · Where Religions Connect – István Tasi · Success Through Failure – Ulrich Kiss SJ. · Healing Power of Tales – Ildikó Boldizsár <b>Session 5: Unto the Magic Carpet (evening session)</b> Finally… let yourself drift, be enchannted and inspired by remarkable stories, pictures and music. · Photos and Tales of Unseen Worlds – Balázs Gárdi · Budapest Bar - a unique musical performance by local musicians · Pasta e Basta, Instinct and Business… – Peter Zwack & Izabella Zwack

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