x = independently organized TED event


This event occurred on
November 12, 2011
1:00pm - 5:30pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
Seoul, 11
South Korea

In our community, we meet diverse people who live every day with a warm mind and a strong motivation to inspire others by being themselves.
When we meet, we are curious as to "What drives you?" During the TEDx Event in Itaewon, you can discover their secrets of how they are able to concentrate on their work and stay motivated. They will also share their own life stories.

• Date/Time : 12th November, 01:00pm - 05:30pm
• Venue : Yongsan Youthpool Theatre
• Subject : "WHAT DRIVES YOU?"
• Program : 3 Sessions(6 speakers / performers)
• Entrance Fee : 10,000won (Small gifts will be given to each attendee.)

During the event, you will see six exciting speakers share their thoughts and inspiration on what drives them. Along with our speakers, we will also have performers, one being a pansori (traditional Korean song) singer! It will be an event you surely will not want to miss.
We strongly encourage everyone to attend TEDxItaewon 2nd Event to share unique ideas, inspire, and to be inspired during the event. Thank you.

1 day event
12 staff members
26 countries from
30 korean attendees
70 foreign attendees
100 attendees total

YongSan Youthpool Theatre
Seoul, 11, 301-179
South Korea
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Anthony Park

He is a deep sea driver moved to USA in 1963 to enroll into middle school. After then, he worked as an underwriter for a reinsurance firm near Wall Street in New York City and retired as an Army Nat’l Guard officer. He came to Korea about 8 years ago to partner with a close friend in ocean science engineering business. You might enjoy to hearing his spectacle sea story.

Isabelle Min

She is a cross culture and communication specialist, an associate professor at Sungkyun Kwan University, CEO of TCK. At TCK institute, she combines her cross cultural upbringing with 25 years of career that includes marketing, broadcasting, public relations, training, writing, simultaneous interpreting and coaching. She spent her formative years living in five continents and speaks 5 languages. Come to the event and meet her in person!

Dan & Serenity Johnson

Dan and Serenity, whom together make up the band The Bell and the Hammer. The two have been living in Seoul for the past 2 years but have been playing as a duet for 5 years. Serenity writes all of the lyrics while Dan writes all of the music. Together, they bring you music directly from their soul. Their music is truly inspiring and not something you will want to miss.

SeungAh Kim

She is a storyteller. She tells Korean folk tales and other stories from all over the world. She is directing and designing storytelling concert to help people understand Korean culture better through storytelling.

Esther Chae

Esther K. Chae is one of TED Fellows, an award-winning actor/writer based in Los Angeles and New York. Her artistic work has been seen and heard in the US, Korea, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Italy and Russia. Her numerous credits as a performer include TV shows NCIS, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, 24, The Shield, Night Stalker; and theatre stages such as Yale Repertory Theater, La Mama, Mark Taper Forum/ Kirk Douglas Theater, P.S. 122 and Harvard/A.R.T.

Melanie Steyn

She is a professor of Sunchon National University and a writer. Her most recent novel is "Once Around the Sun," set in Korea. It's on Amazon, or you can listen to it (free) on the publisher's website: Just search the Bookshop. Her YouTube channel is Lanisusan.

Organizing team


Seoul, South Korea
  • Sohyun Ha
  • Edward Lee
    Facility Team Leader
  • Gabriel Song
    Operation Team Leader
  • Jungyoon Park
    Promotion Team Leader
  • Johnny Bland
    Promotion Team staff
  • Alex Finch
    Promotion Team staff
  • Minseok Kim
    Operation Team staff
  • Seungyoon Heo
    Operation Team staff
  • DanandSerenity Johnson
    Promotion Team staff