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This event occurred on
March 29, 2012
1:15pm - 7:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Leuven, VBR

Today the future is uncertain. Many predictions are made. Many are pessimistic. We are not part of that. We believe we shouldn't predict the future, we should invent it. And Leuven, as a global knowledge centre, is just the place to do so

Bondgenotenlaan 145
Leuven, VBR, 3000
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Bart Becks

Bart, founder of SonicAngel and chairman of the Belgian Institute for Broad Band Technology (IBBT) will share his vision on how individuals can make a difference in the global village.

Jullien Penders

Julien, program manager at the Holst Centre / imec, leads the research department of body area networks. At TEDxLeuven he will give a demonstration of a "brain wave device", how we can measure brain wave activity and how this can be used in real-life applications within entertainment and health care. Julien and his team integrate wireless health monitors, develop embedded algorithms, and deploy integrated prototypes for use in many spheres of life.

Patrick Crehan

Patrick Crehan is a specialist in the management of research and innovation. His work often requires the development of scenarios to visualize results that current and future efforts in research and innovation may achieve. He is currently working in the domain of assistive technologies based on advanced prosthetic devices, brain machine interfaces and humanoid robotics. Progress in this area over the last ten years has been extraordinary, and there is much more to come. The focus of his talk will be on the social robot and the role it will assume in our lives over the next ten years. He will explain the opportunities it will create and the challenges it will pose, both for those who build them and for those who buy them. He will show why we are about to enter the age of the ethical machine.

Herman Konings

Herman Konings is a trendanalist, consumer psychologist, manager of future research bureau Pocketing Marketing/nXt, co-organiser of TheFutureSummit.be and author of the bestsellers Latte Macchiato and Sub Rosa. In his own enthusiastic style Herman will shed light on new trends for the next decade, like social not-working, beautification or even cow pooling. Effortlessly Herman combines the power of scientific research with a natural instinct for game changing trends. The future is already here, it's only not widely distributed yet ...

Fabiaan Van Vrekhem

Fabiaan has one passion: people, work and value creation. To be more exact, people and to what extent they can handle complex situations to create value. That's why in his daily life he is partner at Accord Group Belgium, a company that helps its client recruit high-level profiles and develop their organisation. His take is that all people - that's you as well - have different ways and levels of handling complexity. In his talk he'll explain how you and the organization you work in, are fundamentally impacted by these differences and how you can use it to innovate and create value.

Dixie Dansercoer

Dixie Dancercoer is Belgium's best known adventurer and polar traveler. He holds numerous world records and recently added another to his list. Together with Sam Deltour he broke the record of the longest non-motorized polar hike (5013 kilometers). Dixie is a goodwill ambassador for Unicef and has written several books on his experiences. He will shed a light on how climate change is affecting the poles and on why to chase for seeming impossible dreams.

Filip Maertens

Living with Big Mother: Using smart-phones as a smart-agent. Filip is founder of Argus Labs where he and his team are experimenting with data mining, machine learning and how mobile apps can improve our lives. In his talk he'll explain his vision on how to use mobile phones in a smarter way. Smart-phones should not be seen as an "upgraded cell-phone", but rather as a sensory-device that is capable of collecting, processing and delivering data, information and intelligence. Building an interconnected sensory network, where intelligent apps are becoming your personal advisors is not a futuristic concept, but is becoming a reality very soon. We have never generated as much data as we did in the past, and we hardly know to control and process it anymore. Now it's time to have smart-agents and algorithms to help us. This talk therefore acts as a window looking out on the next two to three years and will explore what opportunities and exciting stuff there is out there. You won't look at your smart-phone the same way again...

Thomas Hertog

Thomas is an internationally renowned cosmologist and a close collaborator of Stephen Hawking. After a research career abroad at CERN and at the University of California, he recently returned to Belgium to launch a team at the KULeuven that works around the interface of string theory and cosmology. At TEDxLeuven Thomas will describe the cosmic context of our world and indicate how a profound understanding of cosmology will be instructive to safeguard Mankind's future here on Earth or elsewhere.

Rachida Aziz

Rachida Aziz is the founder of the Azira fashion label. What started out as a project to contribute to society and give modern Muslima’s the chance to wear modern clothing that corresponds with their taste and ethics, soon evolved to ‘ethical design for body and mind’. First of all, says the designer, because dress code ethics are only useful in the context of general ethics: fair trade, ecology, good labour conditions,… Secondly because Azira doesn’t want to segregate. Her aim is to design clothing for every woman who, for one reason or another, wants to cover up or show certain parts of her body. In her talk Rachida will tell you why Muslim ethics are no different than Western ones and how fashion can empower Muslim women.

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