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Theme: Punto Medio

This event occurred on
July 5, 2012
7:00pm - 7:00pm ECT
(UTC -5hrs)

The second edition of TEDxQuito will be about finding balance, the event´s theme is ¨PUNTO MEDIO¨or middle point, still with the understanding that maybe one does not find balance exactly in the middle point, but balance might take place at one end or the other, and it might shift as one´s perspectives change, so it is not fixed in time or space. Lets face issues on how to find balance between work and personal life, or even balance between actions and thoughts, or perhaps balance between doing what is right and what is wrong, The event this year is for personal and collective exploration of where we stand and what influences our perspective on life and entropy.

Teatro Mexico
Tomebamba y Antisana (Ciudadela México)
Quito, 00000
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Ivan Vallejo

Explorer - Internationally acknowledged explorer, from early in his life Iván began climbing mountains in Ecuador and soon enough, his hobby became a passion. Iván Vallejo graduated as a chemical engineer and taught mathematics to university students from 1988 to 2000. At that stage, after a personal struggle to pursue his passion, he decided to become a full-time mountain climber. On May 1, 2008, he finished climbing all 14 eight-thousanders. As of 2008, only 18 other climbers worldwide have accomplished this feat. Iván is amongst the few 10 of them to do so without supplemental oxygen, in a time span of 11 years.

Eric Samson

Eric Samson, a French citizen residing in Ecuador, is the representative of Reporters Without Borders, Reporteros Sin Fronteras, He is an acknowledged academic and part of the faculty at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Coordinator of Journalism and Multimedia.

RoCola Bacalao

An incredibly intense ride of Latin music, color, adrenaline and good vibes! That is probably the best you can do when trying to describe in a few words a RoCola Bacalao show. With its fun-filled Latin fusion, its amazing 5-piece brass section, intelligent lyrics and great attitude, the Ecuadorian band will shake any stage and audience in the world.

Mario Burbano de Lara

Mario Burbano is a Engineering science master dedicated to the development of financial products and strategies that allow for equal opportunity for housing and access to financial services to medium and low income families and individuals. He serves as president of the National Association of Mutual Banks.

Auki Tituaña

Auki Tituaña, an economist by trade, was elected as the first indigenous mayor of the city of Cotacachi, in 1998, reelected in 2000 and 2004, promoting during his office an innovative process for democratic and participatory municipal management based on cultural empowerment, community organization and self-management

Kim Frerich

Kim is an executive coach and consultant, with a passion for developing people’s capacity to encounter the challenges of our time with greater clarity of mind, strength of heart, and fullness of presence. Kim serves as a Senior Program Coach for coaches in training with the Newfield Network and as a member of the SupporTED coaching team.

Belen Paez

Belén Paez, is a global activist and non-profit director. She dedicates her life to the protection and defense of the tropical humid forest and the rights of the indigenous communities. Through her work she assists these communities in the struggle against poverty and to battle the destruction of their ecosystems. She strengthens debate and dialogue processes between nations to act against climate change and deforestation, raising public awareness about the rights of nature, and of the amazon cultures.

Diana Castellanos Garielle Esteban

Diana is a major in social sciences, currently seeking her Master´s degree in visual and documentary anthropology. She has worked for over 7 years with women, youth and LGBTI organizations. She is residing in Ecuador for two years, where she has been exploring her ¨punto medio¨ in her life, body, identity and memory. She currently works for the CAC, Contemporary Art Center of Quito.

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