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Theme: Next Generation

This event occurred on
September 1, 2012
10:30am - 8:30pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Ede, GE

Science, social life, business, entertainment

Molenstraat 45, 6711AW, Ede
Ede, GE
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Cor Hospes

Cor Hospes is a dynamic speaker talking very fluently and writing about guerilla marketing, a strategy especially used by young entrepreneurs to draw attention to their products in an often spectacular and humorous way, mainly by using social media.

Jaap Peters

Jaap Peters is a co-author of a number of books with provoking titles, such as ‘The Intensive Keeping of Human Beings' and 'In which Reorganisation do you work?' In a provoking, humorous and almost sarcastic way he talks about the HRM within various companies. Jaap advocates 'slow management' in which quality and slowness are virtues. His talk must have found its origin in these virtues and is certainly of a high quality, but not slow at all: you listen to his talk very eagerly because of the provoking theses and recognizable examples which are looked at in a critical way.

Adjiedj Bakas

Biography: Adjiedj Bakas was born of Indian parents in 1963 into a family of teachers in Suriname and has lived and worked in the Netherlands since 1983. With roots in three continents, he is at home everywhere. He is widely travelled, erudite and combines craftsmanship and knowledge with a large dose of humour. He runs his own trend practice and utilises his own research and that of various other (inter)national partners and parties. He has worked in broadcasting and was the director of the trend communication agency Dexter bv. He studied Dutch (specialising in Communication skills) in Utrecht (1983-1987) and is currently a visiting lecturer at various universities and colleges in a range of countries, including the Netherlands, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, London, Suriname and Recife (Brazil). Bakas was elected ‘Trendwatcher of the Year 2009’ and ‘Black Businessman of the Year 2008.’ He is in the top ten list of most frequently booked speakers in the Netherlands. Talk description: Collectively, the 400 million Europeans have already left 50 billion online internet tracks. Linking together all of that different data and using it to produce a business model is becoming one of the big trends of the 21st century. Soon there will be no more secrets. But the flip-side of this advancement is becoming evident. Technology has transcended the human dimension. People do not realise that their PC, telephone, refrigerator, pacemaker and car talk to one another about their owners. Neighbourhood quarrels are now thrashed out on social networking sites and almost no-one has laid down rules for what will happen to their Facebook profile, Hotmail account or the rest of their digital inheritance should they die unexpectedly. This results in old social media profiles becoming coma profiles or digital orphans. Knowledge is power, and that is since time immemorial. In an inspiring talk Adjiedj Bakas will tell you what is going to happen with our privacy in the coming decades.

Dave Blank

Biography: Dave H.A. Blank was born in 1953 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. After his masters in Applied Physics, he received in 1991 his PhD in Physics at the University of Twente. In 1992 he was appointed as associate professor and programme director on the materials science of interfaces in the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente. Since October 2002 he is full professor in Inorganic Materials Science at the same university. From January 1, 2007 he is the Scientific Director of MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology.Talk description: The world of Dave H.A. Blank consists of materials for the nanotechnology, like artificial materials, superstructures, superconducters, ferroelectrics, PIEZO’s, ferromagnetics, and multiferroics. A world unknown to most people, but Blank does everything he can to make nanotechnology as understandable and interesting as possible for a broader audience. "Nanotechnology is incomprehensible and intangible to most people. But I think that people should know what it is about. This technology creates many new opportunities, but there might be risks as well. People should be aware of that discussion."

Guus Wijngaards

Biography: Before Guus Wijngaards (1949) started to work as a Professor on eLearning at the INHOLLAND University for Applied Sciences, he was working as a teacher, researcher, journalist, foreign secretary of a Dutch teacher union, secretary general of the European Association of Teachers (AEDE), Editor in Chief and Projects Manager of CONTEXT and finally as Deputy Director of EUN (European Schoolnet). He attained in May 1973 a MA in Dutch language and literature and in February 1986, an Arts PhD on European cultural and scientific history. He published several books and more than 350 articles on educational, cultural, foreign political and literary subjects. INHOLLAND Centre for eLearning: www.inholland.nl/elearning Talk description: Guus Wijngaards is an advocate of reforming education at grassroot level. He is very unhappy with the way how learning and teaching are currently organized at our schools. In order for the students to become successfull, the education system needs radical change and should replace old with new. He is confident that it will be possible to find carefully thought-out solutions for several problems that now occur (changing role of teachers and students, the use of technology [social media], personalization and collaboration, etc.).

Inez Groen

Biography: Inez Groen is a professor at Fontis University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg. She teaches about Generation Einstein, youth culture and sociology. In 2010 she was part of the Dutch think tank about the future of education. Before becoming a teacher she worked for a consultancy company called Keesie, which is specialized in children and adolescents and before that she had several functions as a publisher and (chief)editor in the field of gaming and ICT. She studied International policy and governance at the Rijksuniversiteit in Groningen. She forms the permanent writing couple with Jeroen Boschma that has published over 8 books, including "Generatie Einstein: slimmer, sneller en sociale. Communiceren met jongeren van de 21ste eeuw". Talk description: Move over babyboomers and generation X’ers! Make room for the generation Einstein. De first positive, smart generation which this world will see. A generation full of potential, ready to take over the world. A generation who lives in this world together with us, but understands it way better. In her talk, Inez Groen will tell about this generation and how to communicate with them.

Kees-Jan Mulder

Biography: Kees-Jan Mulder (1986) made movies and clips in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Madagascar, India, Burkina Faso and in dutch businesses. He graduated as a theologian on foregiveness and reconciliation, and is now studying for director at the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU). He pays his penalty for studying to long with Vinary/PEERFILM, a small company which facilitates in participatory video. Talk description: Kees-Jan Mulder works with a new way of evaluating: ‘participatory video’. It works everywhere, for instance in Burkina Faso where people in the periphery thanked in front of the camera for the bag of rice they received every month, while the originator of the video-evaluation paid for 5 bags of rice! But also in Holland Kees-Jan experiences the power of the concept. People in dutch business sometimes seem to have forgotten how to listen to each other. ‘Participatory video’ is a way to restore this contact and people who wouldn’t get a chance by their modesty normally, turn out to have great ideas.

Thomas Rau

Biography: Thomas Rau (Gummersbach,1960) had his education in the field of arts of design and dance at the academy of arts and studied architecture at the RWTH Aken. Since 1990 he has worked as an architect in Amsterdam, where he started RAU in 1992. Rau actively takes part in the present international discussion about durability and the development of energy saving technologies. He delivers lectures on 'Oneplanetarchitecture' at home and abroad and is a member of the Dutch Green Building Council. Talk description: Thomas Rau works with a new concept: 'performance based consumption'. Or: from consumption to use. For example, you buy no washing machine but 40000 washes. Be surprised by the applicability and solutions which 'performance based consumption' offers to the future, in which raw materials are getting scarce.

Willem Verheij

Talk description: Nowadays music, especially dance music, can be written, played, recorded and produced by just one person and a computer. Most of the sounds are samples or are created by using music software. Reboot Live makes real, live, dance music, with real instruments. Willem Verheij and Niels Krupers have developed the best way to make musicians improvise by using modern technology. During TEDx Ede they will tell you all about their ideas on making music and show you which technologies Reboot Live uses to make it happen. Of course they will do a live performance as well.

Merlijn Twaalfhoven

Biography: Composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven is active in writing new music for orchestras, choirs and chamber music groups all over the world, but is most known by the remarkable projects he creates with his non profit organization La Vie sur Terre. The intention of Twaalfhoven is to bridge worlds of contrast and to mix unusual elements to a new unity. Classic and modern, western and oriental, groovy and subtle music is combined into a lively metaphor for nowadays world. Doing so, Twaalfhoven connects styles, cultures, but first of all people. In Holland he brings together for example mainstream Dutch art with immigrant culture in community art projects. As another example, he took ‘bridging the gap’ literal and positioned 400 musicians on rooftops on both the Greek and Turkish side of the buffer zone in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. Merlijn’s compositions find inspiration in archaic and non-Western music, and in which a balance between the vital sounds of nature and refined melodies offer a multi-faceted sound palette. Merlijn Twaalfhoven designs artistic projects that often include hundreds of participants. To convince inexperienced singers to participate in an experimental project is not easy. He developed many ways to seduce or even trap people into a journey to the unknown. As a professor in 'PopKunst' at ArtEZ academy of arts, he researched how artists can reach a new and diverse public without compromise on their artistic vision and ideas. Talk description: On March 31st., Earth Hour 2012, the lights were out in Groningen Martini-church. By the shine of candles and oil-lamps a big group of singers came together to perform Merlijn Twaalfhoven's 'Resonance'. The performance of 'Resonance' was a subdued and enchanting concert. The audience ended up in a huge, misty room. There were tones, chords and waves of sounds from all sides. At times very thin, then rising to a mass. At TEDxEde Merlijn Twaalfhoven will tell his thoughts lying behind this work and give his vision on contemporary classical music.

Tom Schipper

Biography: Tom Schipper is a 17-year old composer. Over the last year, he took composition classes with Calliope Tsoupaki at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague, where he improved his composition and orchestration skills. Next year, he hopes to continue his composition studies at the conservatoire of Amsterdam. Talk description: In the summer of 2011, Tom's mother suffered from a cerebral infarct. Many months of recovery passed and after more than half a year, she fully recovered. In his talk, Tom will talk about the way he has dealt with this tragedy, in the context of his final year at school, in which he realised a huge composition project. In this project, he wanted to write a piece which summed up the feelings he had regarding the tragedy. Thus, a new piece for solo flute was born, which encompasses more than the ordinary flute sounds and techniques. His piece will be played by Petra van den Dolder.

Gonnie Spijkstra

Biography: After writing a bachelor and master thesis about topical ads, she became a huge fan of ads with news as the major theme. Two years ago, she started blogging about topical ads on Verse Reclame, which means ‘fresh advertising’. Talk description: With the rise of social media, newsjacking is becoming a popular advertising technique. Newsjacking delivers content that becomes news itself and ads that consumers talk about and share with friends. In her TEDx Talk, Gonnie will give a lot of examples and advise about how to jack the news.

Benno Spieker

Biography: Gerben Kruisselbrink and Benno Spieker: both experienced musicians, both music teachers. Gerben is a keyboard player, conductor and musical director of various choirs and musical groups. Benno is a drummer, played for 12 years in BUSTED, won with that band the public prize of the Great Prize of NL, is a musical teambuilder and writes and produces music. Gerben and Benno both have much experience in musical works with groups and enjoy transferring their passion for music to other people. Since November 2011 they provide meaningful entertainment as muzketiers at congresses, conferences and other (business) meetings. Talk description: Already familiar with next generation conferencing? Already heard of @TweetSerenades? Gerben and Benno tell about it, but not only that: through cocreation via Twitter they, together with the TEDxEde-public, make a @TweetSerenade and play that live with drums and piano. Does that look like entertainment? After the talk you will have experienced that @TweetSerenades summarizes the content of a meeting in a contemporary manner and underlines the core message. By the way, both gentlemen already excuse themselves, the @TweetSerenade will probably stick in your head...

Rob Weiss

Biography: After a study civil engineering Rob started to help city centres with solutions for freight distribution at het HBD. Working together with and between retailers in city centres, logistics and the government was crucial. The interest for small and medium size enterprises was set. After a few years Rob started as a regional manager for 'MKB Nederland'. He was responsible for all actions in four provinces notably Gelderland, Overijssel, Flevoland and Utrecht. With 40,000 members he forms the biggest association of entrepreneurs in this region. Core business: make entrepeneering better for all entrepreneurs and organize events for all members to inspire, learn and find new opportunities. The most successful result is 'MKB winstpunt', an innovation project with the highest score (from entrepreneurs) of all innovation projects in Gelderland. The interest for innovation was set. Since 2010 Rob is owner of 'Ik Onderneem!' ('I Do Business!'). Core business: find new and unique opportunities for entrepreneurs as a group. 'Het Nieuwe Winkelen' (i.e. Modern shopping for inner cities) and 'Waar krijgt u energie van' (i.e. 'What gives you energy': sustainable energy on business parks) are two examples. Talk description: His Talk is about 'Modern Shopping'. In this concept all products of shops in a certain place will be brought together in one digital system. This system can be used by a consumer (with a PC, tablet or phone) to search for products in that place. The consumer can compare, rate and purchase the products in several ways (by internet or in real life). At the moment there is a set up of a pilot of this project in Veenendaal, near Ede.

Arnold van Huis

Biography: Prof.Dr.Ir. Arnold van Huis worked from 1974 to 1979 in Nicaragua for the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations on integrated pest management (IPM) in foodgrains. From 1982 to 1985 he coordinated from Niger a regional crop protection training project for eight Sahelian countries. From 1985 onwards he works as tropical entomologist at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and has been responsible for a number of IPM and biological control projects in the tropics. He currently coordinates an interdisciplinary project in Benin, Ghana and Mali entitled “Convergence of Sciences”. He also coordinates a project in the Netherlands called “Sustainable Production of Insect Proteins”. This project explores the potential of the sustainable production of high quality edible insects and insect-derived products, in particular proteins, from side streams (organic waste). He also serves as a consultant to FAO on insects as food and feed. Talk description: As the first author of "Het insectenkookboek" Arnold van Huis will try to convince the audience to eat insects. They are not only very healthy (because of the proteins), but also delicious! Producing insects as mini-livestock has many advantages over the production of conventional meat. In tropical countries close to 2000 insect species are consumed, e.g. in Mexico they like roasted ants, in Thailand they eat giant water bugs, and in Japan they eat wasps. So why not here! Do you know where you can buy insects, which ones you can eat and how to prepare them? Listen to the Talk of Van Huis and discover a whole new world of food.

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