x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Counting Forward

This event occurred on
October 9, 2011
8:00am - 2:00pm WIB
(UTC +7hrs)

In accordance to the date of our event, 9th of October, 2010 (091011), We design “Counting Forward” as the theme of our next TEDxBandung event.

As our society become more advanced by day, by hours, and by minutes, do we all spare a moment to see what really matters? Are the progresses we made are meaningful?

"Counting Forward" is a journey in celebrating every achievement that make our world, surroundings, and society, however big or small, a better one.

We will discover the value of progress we made: from how social media brings benefit—as well as threat, the deceiving nature of our minds, seriousness of a comedy, to arts in the eyes of science—and vice versa.

Saung Angklung Udjo
Jl. Padasuka no. 118
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Enda Nasution

Enda Nasution, often dubbed by Indonesian media as "the father of Indonesian bloggers" with distinguished experience in the scene of blogging, social media, online world and internet marketing. He is a deep supporter of the using of online tools to empower the mass. Elected as a TED Fellow at TED India, he help fostering some of the nation's biggest social movement campaign using online tools, one of them was "Koin Keadilan" which was joined massively throughout Indonesia.

Pandji Pragiwaksono

Broadcaster, rapper, and activist Pandji is well-known by his unorthodox approach in addressing many contemporary issues. Well-known by the public as the host of Provocative Proactive and 180 Derajat. A rather idealistic person and a deep supporter of stand-up scene, he uses comedy and laughter as a media of education, mainly to address many socio-political issues of Indonesia.

Anton Sastrawinata

Anton Abdul Fatah is living a double life: Ministry of Finance employee in the weekdays and organic farmer in the weekends. It's all started in 2005 when he saw environmental degradation in his hometown Garut which was caused bybrick industry. He is now an speak-out supporter of agroforestry and organic methods in land rehabilitation, as well as a facilitator of his fellow hometown farmers to pursue a better life by teaching them many practical skills, especially entrepreneurship.

Ridwan Kamil

Being as creative consultant and educator who cares about social environment. He is expanding his competence as architect to solve the problems which happening on daily life. He believe that change is from within and from grass-root movement, not from government-driven. His activities are involving on Bandung Creative City Forum and Indonesia Berkebun (IDberkebun) which occur on 14 cities around Indonesia.

Aria Widyanto

Aria is the 2011 British Council E-Idea champion who firmly believes that reducing green house gas emission goes hand in hand with improving the economic well being of low-income workers. His vision is to convert ‘angkot’ engines to use Compressed Natural Gas and at the same time provide savings up to Rp. 10 million per vehicle. How is it possible? Aria will take the stage and share his vision with us.

Eya Grimonia

14-years-old Eya Grimonia is an accomplished violist and pianist who has collaborated with many leading Indonesian musician, notably Dwiki Dharmawan. Currently is the youngest soloist in Jakarta Chamber Orchestra and the only representative of Indonesia in the 12th Jeunesses Musicales in Bucharest Romania (International Violin Competition).

Denny Darko

After years of performing as a corporate magician, Denny Darko finally found his true calling. While learning and applying the technique of Profiling and NLP (Neuro-Language Programming) to the misdirection art that he's mastering, Denny Darko has finally found the real secret to subliminally send a message into his audience and change his way of performing ever

Sujiwo Tejo

Sujiwo Tejo is a well-known director, shadow puppet master, actor, and director. But not many know that he is also an accomplished mathematician. He will share his fresh and broad perspective about these two different world: art in the eyes of science, and vice versa. In the most hillarious way.

Tendi Naim

Tendi Naim, who holds a master degree from Harvard, is a person with many sides: managing chain-restaurant with ASEAN-wide presence, avid traveler, scout activist, and last but not least: educator with a passion to fix the education system with out-of-the-box approach.

Organizing team


Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
  • Yamin Yahya
  • Zia Kusuma
  • William Lautama
  • Febrian Ahmad
  • Muhammad Ibnu Lukman
  • Agoes Santosa
    Social Media Buzzer
  • Dara Farhaniza