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Theme: Journey to Return

Jakarta, Indonesia, Indonesia
August 13th, 2011

About this event

The Journey to Return

What is progress? And how can it empower our humanity?
From the secrets of the natural environment from which we arise, to the values and stories that form our society; from the technologies and resources that enable modern life, to the ideas that define and protect our humanity -- or threaten it.

TEDxJakarta 2011 will be a celebration of the old and the new that remind us of the basics and take us a step closer to the truths.

Event content will be 70% in Indonesian. We will provide 100 pax of live translation ear devices for non-Indonesian speakers.

Registration for event opens 8pm August 2nd on www.tedxjkt.org

Confirmed Speakers

  • Siti Musdah Mulia
    Musdah believes compassion is at the heart of religion. In her courageous work as Chair of Indonesian Conference on Religion for Peace (ICRP), she promotes interfaith dialogues, tolerance, and democracy to achieve peace. She is also a human rights activist and author of “Reformist Muslimah” and “Islam & the Inspiration of Gender Equity”.
  • Didik Nini Thowok
    Didik’s art is unique. He combines various Indonesian dance traditions and comedy to choreograph his world-renowned cross gender dance performances. His productions include Dwimuka (Two Faces), Kuda Putih (White Horse), the Nopeng and Walang Kekek mask dances.
  • John Hardy
    This trailblazing man challenges our views on sustainable businesses with his green projects. After selling John Hardy Jewelry, a global luxury brand, he and his wife Cynthia created the world’s first Green School in Bali. The school is a stunning piece of architecture built primarily with bamboo.
  • Ewa Wojkowska
    Ewa left a decade of service at the United Nations to setup kopernik.info – an online marketplace that connects life-changing technologies with communities in need. Since 2009, her site has improved 47,000 lives reached through 31 projects in 10 countries.
  • Ridwan Djamaluddin
    As director of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Ridwan lead a team of Indonesian engineers fearlessly to develop the country’s first tsunami early detection system. He is passionate about the ocean and in changing youth education.
  • Derek Sivers
    This modern day philosopher founded CD Baby, the largest online seller of independent music, and gave most of it away to charity. Esquire magazine dubbed him as “one of the last music-business folk heroes”.
  • Muljadi Pinneng
    Pinneng is an award-winning underwater photographer who has logged hundreds of dives to capture Indonesia’s indescribable beauty in frames.
  • Jubing Kristianto
    Jubing is famous for giving an imaginative sound to Indonesian traditional and children songs with his dynamic finger style guitar repertoire. He shares these valuable arrangements for free on the Internet.
  • Zaini Alif
    Zaini’s teaches children the fun of traditional games and toys through his social business, Komunitas Hong. He is also committed to reinvesting profits in children education, health and wellbeing through this platform.
  • Surprise Speakers
    We will have a special surprise speaker. And a selection of curated talks from our community members (from TEDxJakarta: You)

Venue and Details

Cilandak (Details to be announced)
Jakarta, Indonesia, 12190

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