x = independently organized TED event

Theme: The Power of One

This event occurred on
October 13, 2011
4:00pm - 6:30pm (UTC -5hrs)
Chicago, IL
United States

Please note we do still have a block of tickets allocated for TEDsters and TEDxers . Please apply through our web applications page at http://tedxmidwest.com/application. We have 20 world class speakers for an audience of 1,000. It will take place on late Thursday afternoon October 13th from 4-6:30PM, and all day October 14th from 9:00AM -6:30PM. It will be in one of the most beautiful theaters in America - The Oriental Theater at 24 West Randolph in downtown Chicago. The event will be webcast to thousands online. There will be a reception for 1,000 attendees and the speakers both Thursday and Friday nights from 6:30-8:30PM. The audience of 1,000 will be almost as amazing as the speakers. Among them, we expect: -500 CEOs, presidents, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, business icons and others -300 artists, authors, renowned scientists, designers, architects, actors, heads of cultural institutions and others -30 MacArthur, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners -50 gifted students and their teachers who nominated them The world class line up features many previous TED speakers and incluides: Wes Craven - Director of Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street, Speaking on The Nature of Fear Dean Kamen - Probably the Top Inventor in the World and Creator of the Segway – A TED Favorite Paul Nicklen - Extreme National Geographic Polar Photographer - TED Favorite Kevin Bacon - Speaking on the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Allison Levine - Climbed Mount Everest and Highest Mountains on Every Continent Bill Strickland - MacArthur Prize Winner with One of the Greatest Stories We Have Heard Phil Zimbardo - Renowned Psychologist Speaking on The Nature of Evil and the Making of Heroes Daniel Hernandez - One of the Heroes Who Helped Save Congressman Giffords’ Life John Hodgman - Daily Show Comedian and Author Jerry Mitchell - MacArthur Prize Winning Journalist Who Got Klan Convictions 20 years later Pablos Holman - World Class Hacker and Inventor Helen Fisher - Expert on Love and Author of the Bestselling Book, Why We Love Amory Lovins - Future of Energy Expert and author of 40 books Alexis Ohanian - Reddit co-founder – How to Make the World Suck Less Tony Schwartz – Human Performance Expert Edie Wiener – Futurist Rob Warden – Center for Wrongful Convictions got 7 people with death sentences set free The Interrupters - A Team of Ex-Chicago Gang members that intercede in violence about to happen Erin McKean - Our Host and Former Editor of the Oxford American Dictionary, CEO of Wordnik

Oriental Theater of Chicago
24 WRandolph
Chicago, IL, 60601
United States
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Organizing team


Chicago, IL, United States
  • Linda Stone