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This event occurred on
February 26, 2011
2:00pm - 6:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
South Korea

TEDx Daejeon is offering an open place to share knowledge to whomever wants to know something new. This organization includes ChungCheong province based on Daejeon. Also, TEDxDaejeon hosts TEDx events helping people to know and share "ideas worth spreading". Based on the theme, ideas worth spreading, TEDxDaejeon is an organization of people who wants to share what they have and inspire the others to do so.

South Korea
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Hong-cheol Yeom

Yeom Hong-cheol is a politician. He defines himself as a minority. He's from very small city Nonsa and since he came to Daejeon for studying, he's been a minority locally and he was lonely when working as a profesor and a government officer because his background is not as good as his colleagues'. So he reminded himself to work harder and harder to survive, and this made him of today. People nicknamed him as 'a Expo Mayor' after he hosted Daejeon Expo successfully in short time. He's also famous as an early adopter among government officers and he is always opened to communicate with his citizens through twitter and facebook.

Yong-soon Park

His first hawking was in his 12 when he grew the falcon which he hunted in mountain at the back of his home. After he was designated as Daejeon Intangible Cultural Properties, he gave up his career and devoted himself to preservation and passing down falconry. He surely could've live an ordinary life, but his interest and talent led him to be not a salaryman but a 'Bonbagi(man who handles falcon)' who crisscrosses mountains, communicates with and handles falcons. " Pleasure of hunting a wild falcon and taming it and accomplishment when my falcon succeeds to his first hunting is inexpressible. Hawking is the best leports to communicate with nature and develop great spirit.", he said.

Yeon-seok Chae

Chae Yeon-seok is an engineer. He majored in Physics in undergraduate school and never gave up his dreams about rockets. He has a Ph.D in Aerial Cosmic Engineering and has steered rocket development in Korea for 20 years. He was far from an all A student when he was young but he did researches on rockets because he liked them. He was always wondering what was living out there in the space and enjoyed watching stars. He was triggered by the news in 1961 when Soviet Union had launched the first manned spaceship ever in human history. He even picked up wet newspapers and scrapped the articles on rockets. He wouldn't be this scientist right now if he didn't have the passion for rockets. Chae says "Is there a successful life? I think what's more important is doing what you like doing, how long you do it. If you try hard, you can make yesterday's dream a reality. I am a living proof, so have some confidence."

Hyeon-gi Lim

Lim Hyeon-gi, who's the band director for Bobby Kim, Leessang, T Yoonmirae and a guitarist at the same time, he's a musician already with various experiences. He's active as a member in the fusion jazz band 'Spotlight' who has been participating in BMK, Gummy, Baek Ji-yeong, Lee Moon Se, Super Junior, Seeya and many other artist's session player. He's also participated as a house guitarist on a music broadcasting program. Lim Hyeon-gi's artistic aura makes his lyrics gain sympathy and comes from his true guitar playing.

Yeong-jin Lim

Lim Yeong-jin is a baker. He had to make bread when he was a university freshman since all 5 employees of SeongShimDang, the bakery his father ran, had went on strike. But when he actually tried to make bread, he was nervous so he didn't go to school and buried himself in baking. After 37 years, now he is still in front of oven as a president of SeongShimDang. SeongShimDang is the representative bakery that most people in Daejeon knows and it is an cultural icon. Breads of SeonShimDang have comfortableness and memories of neighborhood bakery that franchises bakery never has. He always tries to make breads customers want and like. Sharing remained breads after selling them is a SeongShimDang's tradition since it's been founded. He's doing actions making a world better place through breads. The motto of SeonShimDang is 'Do good for all'. "Satisfying only the owner isn't enough, satisfying only customers isn't enough. We should satisfy all employees and business associates too.", he says.

Su-min Lee

Professor Lee Su-min, who had been a professor of chemistry at HanNam University for 39 years, retired last August taking deep bows from his students. It was a touching moment of showing his love for students. He was selected and sent to American university as one of 10 national scholarship young scientists for an year, and made success and gained honor becoming a professor in his 30's. However, he fell into a deep desperations because of the accident which changed his whole life in his golden age 37. Though he experienced the worst period at that time and once thought of suicide, he overcame all these and accomplished his new golden days. He dedicated himself for his students and did his research harder. He wrote about 170 research papers as a chemist and was listed on the IBC(International Biographical Centre) which is one of the world three biographical dictionaries twice.

Sang-eun Lee

Lee Sang-eun started climbing in 1997 right after she graduated university. She was the first to climb Nirekha (6,159m) Khumbu in 2003 and made it into the World Guinness Records. One after another, she climbed Orizaba (5,747m) , which is the highest peak in Central America and many distinguished peaks such as Iztaccihuatl (5,300m), La Malinche (4,400m), Africa's Kilimandjaro (5,895m), Ararat (5,135m). She also pays particular attention to mountain paths around us. Lee Sang-eun has been participating in a project trying to tie Daejeon's mountain path together since 2004 and introduced this project nationwide, working as a member on the committee. Despite of hardships during her mountain climbing, she has volunteered to help build schools in a remote area in Nepal and held a photo exhibition based on her experiences called 'Beautiful Accompany, Hopeful School building'. She has appeared in many tv shows related to travelling and mountain climbing and in Korea's broadcasting station KBS's video album called 'Mountain' and participated as a photograph director in 'John Muir Trail' conducted by KBS.

Gi-hyeong Lyu

Lyu Gi-hyeong is a performance planner. He is striving for popularization of traditional theater in Daejeon. He lives in Daejeon but is active all over Korea. 12 members ride in two vans and travel around Korea like it's their own house. Lyu Gi-hyeong insists on making 100% traditional theater. He takes traditional percussion quartet, traditional mask dance, pansori and other traditional theater elements and interprets it with a modern sense and develops Korea's theater style. Lyu Gi-hyeong's activities are blended well in Uguemchi. "Do you know where Uguemchi is. It's the last ferocious battlefield in Donghak. We remember that spirit. It means that we would resist to many other contradictions in the society. In these kind of fights, whether you are in Seoul or in the suburbs don't really matter. We will make the theater more abundant with open eyes and ears."

Organizing team

Roy Younghwan

Daejeon, South Korea