x = independently organized TED event

Theme: From Here to the World

This event occurred on
February 19, 2011
12:00am - 6:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
Daejeon, 30
South Korea

Take a moment to evaluate where you stand right now. Are you an engineering major in KAIST surrounded by other engineers? An employee of a multinational company flying back and forth around the world? A farmer who has never stepped outside of Daejeon?

Your experiences in life define you as an individual, and shape the way you perceive the world. However, it is easy to forget that there are 6 billion other people out there with unique thoughts and ideas of their own. Many of us often get confined within the parameters set by our personal experiences, unable to see the world as it is.

At TEDxKAIST, we are honored to introduce 14 speakers who will help us broaden our minds and venture into a world beyond our own limited visions.

KI Conference Hall
KI Building, KAIST
73-1 Guseong-dong, Yuseong-gu
Daejeon, 30, 305-701
South Korea
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Kyunik Park

Title : 血越 友中 交日 (Family with Vietnam, Friendly with China, Understanding Japan) With 14 years food product research experience at Nongshim, Kyunik Park leveraged his own research capability and a globalization strategy to establish ICFOOD in 1999. ICFOOD aims to be a major international food product supplier. They have already established footholds in China and Vietnam and are continuing to expand. ICFOOD believes in corporate social responsibilty and have established programs to provide day-care to Asian foreign student’s children as well as to provide financial support for foreign students.

Youngdon Lee

Beginning with KBS in 1981 and as one of the establishers of SBS in 1991, Youngdon Lee has more than 20 years experience in Television. He has produced many programs that shine a light on social problems. He has headed up the the production planning and cultural production departments among others at KBS, producing many programs exploring Korean social issues. He has received awards in the Korean broadcasting documentary, celebrity game show and reporting categories, a finalist award for the current events magazine program category at the New York Film Festival and four successive years as an Emmy award juror in the United States. In 2006, he was appointed a juror at the Banff World TV Festival. SBS: ‘I want to know that’, ‘The Byongjin Ju Show’ KBS: ‘Sunday Special’, The 4-part Series ‘Bible Root’, The 5-part series ‘Life, Old Age, Sickness and Death’, The 6-part Series ‘Special Report on Alchohol, Cigarettes and Stress’, the 6-part series ‘The Mind’ ‘60-min. Chase’ ‘Youngdon Lee’s Consumer Report’

Minwoo Nam

Title: Attain Victory by Burning Your Bridges Dasan Engineering (now Dasan Networks) was established in 1993 and since then has been active in the international IT business. Dasan was registered on KOSDAQ in 2000 and it has gained a foothold as a global mid-sized venture with its continuous growth. Minwoo Nam is now a KOSDAQ Award Committee member, Chair of the Global Mid-sized Venture Forum, an Eastern Growth Committee member and is one of the key members in Korea’s growing economy. Minwoo Nam passionately believes that “Burning Your Bridges” and fully committing is key to victory.

Eliot Bu

Eliot Bu is an Urban scholar, Chairman of the Urban Knowledge Trust and now the CEO of JINA. He is broadening the scope of his research to investigate the intangible urban value of typical urban life architecture that encourages the connection between individuals. He is describing our social structure in 12 different niches. He plans to discuss the future of new books in his book ‘Open Your Facebook’

Hohyun Joung

Title: Love is Revolution Director Hohyun Joung’s current film ‘Cuban Boyfriend’ is an autobiographical film about the love story between her and a Cuban she met on a trip to Cuba. It was released in January of 2010 and she is currently touring the festival circuit with the film. In 1999 at the age of 27, Hohyun Joung debuted her invited film ‘Ex/Ordinary’ at the influential Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in Japan. Following her debut, she has discussed women and patriarchy in Korea through her films including ‘Woman in a Festive Season’ (2000), ‘Homesickness’ (2002), ‘Joung Family Girls’ (2003), and ‘Umma’ (2005). She received an award for ‘Umma’ at the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival in 2004 and has been invited to such film festivals as the San Francisco International Asian-American Film Festival and the Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival. When she went to Cuba, she was fascinated by Cubans’ spirit. In her talk she relate her thoughts and experiences about this true spirit that many of us have lost.

Sungchan Kang

Sungchan Kang was employed by IBM after he graduated from Korea Maritime University with a degree in Computer Engineering. He realized that this was not the path for him and left the company. He wanted to see if ‘The world was vast and opportunities many” and left for a trip around the world. He’s currently embarking on a 1-man company experiment.

Chulho Shin

Chulho Shin, the founder of the first Korean e-democracy site POSDAQ, is the foremost e-government expert in the nation; he has been involved in the successful construction of e-government initiatives for hundreds of government organizations. Also, as his venture is 1st generation one, he is involved with young entrepreneurs in helping them launch their IT companies. By innovatively fusing IT and dental care, he is helping to make Korean medical world-class. He is also working to realize the vision of hospitals that provide care for all citizens without them having to worry about the financial burden.

Songhee Jung

Jeong SongHee is a Korean folk music composer and performer, specializing in a modern eclectic style. She has worked in a variety of fields including short film music, musicals, dance music, and digital performance. Ms. Jeong graduated from Korea National University of Arts (Karts) and obtained her Master’s degree at the Audio & Interactive Media (AIM) Lab, in the Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST. Currently she is a member of Sinawi – an improvisational music ensemble playing Korean traditional music.

Sean Richard

Actor (BH Entertainment), appeared in the dramas ‘Jejungwon’ and ‘Athena’

Jongjin Lim

NeuroSky President Jongjin Lim has been researching neuro technology in Korea since 1999. In 2004, NeuroSky was established in Silicon Valley in the United States. In 2008, as part of the Daedeok Innopolis Overseas Joint Research Project, he became the head of the BSTA (Brain Science & Technology Application) Center at KAIST and continues to maintain close ties with KAIST. His work has received worldwide recognition such as Forbes’ World Leading Top 10 Technologies in 2005, CNN’s Top 5 Leading World-Changing Technologies in 2006, and the Tech America Award in 2010. He is currently working with top-tier partners like Nintendo, BMW and Intel on various projects. Jongjin Lim will speak on developing core neuro technologies and he achieved commerial success with these technologies.

Harvey Rosas

Colombian, born in Venezuela, he is a mathematician currently following this PhD studies in the area of Data Mining on the Department of Mathematical Sciences of KAIST. He completed an MS in the same area in the Applied Mathematics Division of KAIST. He's been involved with Toastmasters since 2006, attending to Daeduk Toastmasters Club at KAIST and co-founding Schoolmasters. He served in different positions as an officer and he is the immediate past president of Schoolmasters. He has achieved Competent Communicator (CC) and Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB). Title: Words that change lives. Summary: This talk focuses in a personal take of one's life, in how he found in public speaking a life changing experience. A skill that can be learned and cultivated, which had brought into his life and into many others the opportunities we have never dreamed of. Toastmasters clubs, as a collective of volunteers, strive for improving and foster communication and leadership skills. These skills will help to build up self-confidence and personal growth.

Keun-ho Bae

Keun-ho Bae calls himself a dreamer and wants to help others dream as well. Although a PhD graduate of KAIST’s Mechanical Engineering department, he is different from the typical image that comes to mind when one thinks of KAIST. He has received several awards at Toastmasters speech competitions and is a Toastmasters leader in the Daejeon Area. In his speech, he will describe his experiences as an exchange student in France. Title: The Worst Moment in My Life

June Ham

President of the venture team xpinn, Wonjun Ham has been thinking deeply about education for the past 10 years. He is now preparing a new edu 2.0 web service. In his talk, Wonjun Ham will talk about education problems and the future direction of education. Title : Beyond School

Nicholas Anzivino

G.T. Arpe has played more than one guitar, instrument or drum machine at once. Most of his more more recent work has been noise-oriented. Most of it is often lo fi and within the confines of pop structures. He also does performance arty stuff with audience participation and also more trad solo stuff. Title: I Love Stuff Performance: Song 1: "I am some junk" This song was originally called "I am a skunk". I thought the meaning was too negative, so I changed it to "I am a drunk", "I am a punk", etc. Finally, I arrived at "I am some junk" as this title went with the originally junk instrumentation of the song. Song 2: "This is not a song" This song was inspired by the artist Magritte's painting "This is not a pipe". I figured it would be cool to write a song modeled after the art, and then to try to take it somewhere else at the end of the song.

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