x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Easy approaches to a complex reality

This event occurred on
November 25, 2011
9:00am - 9:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Santiago de Compostela - Galicia

The flow of the program has been designed to take us through easy approaches to a complex reality. Through the sessions in TEDxGalicia 2011 we want to inspire to reflection on fundamental questions as: the reality behind what see, a complex future, socially accepted frauds, inaccurate sciences, different ways to perceive the reality,…

Easy approaches to a complex reality, proposes a trip which facilitate the interpretation of what is happening around us and the intimate relations between multiple variables whixh could result "non obvious" a priori.

Imagine - Think -Create - Share. These four blocks of contents present an itinerary of creation of knowledge and change that proposes: the imagination as a base, thinking as a tool, creation as the objective and sharing as the key point to create value.

Facultade de Ciencias da Comunicación
Avda de Castelao, s/n. Campus Norte
Santiago de Compostela - Galicia, 15782
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Xurxo Mariño

Xurxo Mariño Alfonso (Lugo, 1969) is a biologist and Doctor in Biological Sciences by the University of Santiago de Compostela (1998) . Deeply interested in bringing Science and its interaction with Humanities to a mass public, he organizes "theatrical-scientific-coffees" taking science into bars and he is responsible for Discurshow an original mix between monologues and conferences.

Genis Roca

Genís Roca, (Girona, 1966) is a recognised speaker and popular specialist in Internet and how the digital and networking is altering our personal reality and professional and business as well.

Concha Martínez

Concha Martínez Vidal, degree inphilosophy by the University of Santiago de Compostela and doctor from 1989 by the University of Valencia. From 1993 she is a professor in the area of Logical and Philosophy of the Science in the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Paco Castro

Bachelor in Laws, this franciscan Paco Castro started from his early years at the University to devote his free time to charitable social tasks.

Miguel Silva

Graduate in Physics by the University of Santiago de Compostela Miguel Silva works 11 years with Televés untill 2001 when he starts up his own company Blusens Technology.

Enrique Lista

Born in Malpica of Bergantiños (A Coruña) in 1977, Enrique studies Arts in the Faculty of Pontevedra and Graphic Advertising in the School of Arts Pablo Picasso of A Coruña. He has realized activities in the fields of the graphic design, photography, training and plastic arts. As plastic artist he has shown works in MARCO (Vigo), the Centre Torrente Ballester (Ferrol) and the CGAC (Santiago de Compostela).

Roberto Rodríguez

Profession: human development. Hobbies: The person, his labyrinths and the research of the switches that light the light that lights it everything. Expectations: the constant doubt. Wish: a more human world. Future: the knowledge. Happened: experiences. Aim: the reflection and the thought. Along 11 years have deepened in the reasons that move to the human being in a complex world, during this time have comprised that it is precisely what does not see what does more visible ours lives and that in the correct management of our intangible resides the key of a good life and a good life. I am lucky to work and live a common passion, this strength is the one who drives me to an infinite curiosity that invites me to analyse, reflect and share the fruit of a lot of hours of introspection. I expect to draw a lot of questions in your mind.

Miguel Angel Vidal

Miguel Ángel Vidal Martín (Ourense, 1969) graduate in Mathematics by the University of Santiago de Compostela, after 19 years devoted to teaching in institutes of the provinces of Ávila and Pontevedra, the last 6 years ha been working in the IES PEDRO FLORIANI of Redondela (Pontevedra) working, exclusively, with students of PDC (Program of Curriculum Diversification), conformed fundamentally, by teenagers with diverse academic difficulties.

Luis Hernández

Luis Hernández Ibáñez is professor in the Department of Mathematical Methods and Representation at the University of A Coruña and professor of the Doctorate Program in Civil Engineering of the Universidade da Coruña. He is director of the R&D Group of Advanced Visualisation in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism (VideaLAB) in the same University.

Ana Sanjuán

Devoted professionally to the development of Human resources, has been this experience the one who has carried them to deepen in the study of the Emotional Intelligence and the need to develop it explicitly during the different stages of the life to reach suitable levels of personal and professional welfare.

Carmen Vázquez

Devoted professionally to the development of Human resources, has been this experience the one who has carried them to deepen in the study of the Emotional Intelligence and the need to develop it explicitly during the different stages of the life to reach suitable levels of personal and professional welfare.

Manuel Borobio

A life of gone and come in the fields of action more diverse but always in regard to the management of the territory. In the begining he worked in International Cooperation with what took him to Palestina where he understood, that the cities can be, beautiful and prison at the same time. From this last adventure has worked in projects related with the investigation and development by a more transparent administration, agile, logical and creative of our territory.

Marta Álvarez

Marta Álvarez is a young entrepreneurial from Vigo settled in Lugo, tireless worker in one new model of different and original field that has his maximum exponent in Granxa Maruxa. Granxa Maruxa transformed her life in her big project, a project of joy for the labour life when keeping a direct relation with nature and responsible with means and the species that populate it. This conception revolutionizes many of the canons established in the rural environment.

Daniel Álvarez

Graduate in Economy. Managerial specialisation in IESE, Institute of company and Otto Walter. Practitioner Of NLP and Trainers Trainer by the International Institute of NLP. Master Practitioner By NLP University. Certificated as International Coach and Business Coach by the International Coaching Community (ICC).

Antonio Salas

From the Faculty of Medicine realises his work researcher fundamentally focused to the genetics of human populations applied to distinct fields of the investigation biomedicine. At present he has published more than 200 articles, varied of them in magazines of high index of impact such as Nature Genetics or Science. During these years and until the actuality has collaborated with a big number of researchers with a big international projection pertinent of countries such like U.S., England, Germany, Italy and China.

Manuel Gago

(Palmeira, Ribeira, 1976) is doctor in Information Science by the University of Santiago de Compostela. He is director of, the site for of cultural divulging of the Council of the Galician Culture and associated professor in the Faculty of Communication Science of the University of Santiago de Compostela, introducing to new journalists into ciberjournalism. Gago is author of a varied number of books on electronic journalism and architecture of the information in Internet. The last ones are Digital Information Systems and Journalistic Design in the Internet. He is member of the Research Group in New Media of the USC, where experiences with prototypes of new media. His personal blog on enogastronomy, trips, culture and new technologies is called Chapter 0.

Patrick Berry

Patrick Berry is a british with Galician origins, established in A Coruña more than ten years ago. Graduate in Politics and ex analyst of stock exchange for the International banking, devotes to the on-line marketing. Patrick is father of three children, one of them diagnosed of a rare illness. It has been this experience the one which moved him to focus on another field: the current medicine. A fight of almost eight years, to the correct diagnose and treatment of his son. His particular vision of medicine, capitalism and science wants to be a contribution to change the common vision of what is the medicine.

Flavio Morganti

His prestige and the success on his work as head of the restaurant Galileo, in Pereiro de Aguiar, had already trespassed borders. The last year, he was awarded the Prize of Gastronomy of Galicia by his valuable contribution to the Galician food. In case this was a little effort, his books on gastronomy also have given a lot that speak and have hoarded important international prizes.

Kiko Pastur

Kiko Pastur is one of the most awarded illusionists of Galicia, professional from 1994, does not cease to play with cards in demonstrations. President of the Asociacion Coruñesa de Ilusionismo, producing and main character of shows of magic like JAZZIIT ( fusion of jazz and magic) with pianist Abe Rábade, At present he is preparing a show of magic with marionettes and another one of magic with shadows, and presenting his magic in underground places near the core, during the 33 hours of the day.

Organizing team

Juan Marcos
Perez Gulin

Santiago De Compostela, Spain