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Berlin, Germany
December 9th, 2010

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Michelle Thorne
    Michelle Thorne (US/DE) will talk about designing for collaborative consumption. She works for Creative Commons as International Project Manager, coordinating over seventy jurisdictions worldwide to localize Creative Commons tools and promote legal sharing. She organized the Free Culture Research Conference, an event dedicated to exploring the commons and hybrid economies, and co-chaired Mozilla’s Drumbeat Festival on Learning, Freedom, and the Web, bringing together disruptive technologists and educators to forge the future of education. She co-founded the Awesome Foundation Berlin, a lightweight association to fund small projects. As a believer in making and doing things, she also helped “chaordinate” the DMY Maker Lab and other DIY projects in Berlin and around the world.
  • Dmitry Paranyushkin
    Dmitry is a researcher, artist, curator, and media entrepreneur born in Moscow, living in Berlin, and co-working at betahaus. He is the founder of – an online tool to record, share, and discover information using network visualizations. At TEDxKreuzberg Dmitry will speak about various applications of network analysis to research communities and their interactions. What can we find out from one’s social networks, how do they become instruments and instrumentalize the agents, what are the most efficient ways to disseminate information, how do we maintain communities, and how to ensure that networks develop in an innovative, meaningful and sustainable way.
  • Ricard Gras
    Ricards Gras has been involved in consultancy in the fields of new media & arts alongside TV, film & media companies, such as the BBC in the past 12 years. In 2000 he produced a range of pioneering animation projects made with videogames (a technique later called Machinima) and, since 2004, he has developed numerous cross-media projects & virtual world content. With one of them he won the 2008 UK Technology Strategy Board award competition. Right now he is working on Vlogger – a movie that he is writing/directing. Vlogger is a transmedia film project that mixes life footage with virtual worlds (due out in summer 2011), produced with Zentropa International Spain. He says about himself: “One day, when I was a kid, my parents gave me some amazing news – they had decided to set up a video games arcade… Predictably, in my current job, I explore the creative applications that arise from the advent of new technology.”
  • Darryl Feldman
    Originally trained as an artist at Chelsea School of Art in London, Darryl Feldman discovered digital technologies in the early 90’s and has since been creating art, products and services from 1’s and 0’s. Fascinated by how design and technology can empower and help humanity but also mindful of the fact that technology is not a means in itself. Currently working at Nokia in Berlin. Darryl will address in his talk what happens when people suffering from information overload, privacy concerns and general technology burn-out start to switch off their facebook profiles and start looking for simplicity and more humanistic approaches to both design and technology.

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Prinzessinnenstr. 19-20
Berlin, 10969
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Christoph Fahle
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