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Theme: 乘风破浪:Riding On The Wave of Change

This event occurred on
July 20, 2014
1:00pm - 6:00pm MYT
(UTC +8hrs)
Georgetown, 07

我們秉承了TED大會的理念——發揚值得傳播的點子(Ideas Worth Spreading),定于2014年7月20日舉辦TEDxPenangRoad的第一場中文演說大會——【乘風破浪】。我們希望能向大眾傳播優秀的思想,啟發大眾,讓大眾反思并學習從不一樣的角度與觀點去看待問題,看待世界。


1. 弄潮人 : 不甘於平凡,立志在平庸世界揮灑色彩。
2. 掀浪人 : 激起改變的浪潮,醞釀著下一道改變的力量。
3. 觀汐人 : 不僅是隔岸觀潮,而是靜聽潮水前進後撤的餘聲,心觀日出夕下世界變化。

TEDxPenangRoad第一場中文演說大會- 【乘风破浪】勢必讓你立足檳城眼觀世界,洞察局勢轉變緊追趨勢,隨同TEDx主講人破浪前進!

Bayview Hotel Georgetown Penang
25-A Farquhar St
Georgetown, 07, 10200
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Nandor Lim and Weny Lim

Coming from a different educational, social and cultural background, Nandor Lim and Weny Lim have been happily married for more than 10 years. They are the first couple in Malaysia who dedicated themselves to the Akasha Learning Companionship Association Malaysia to help the community in self-improvement and life transformations.

Neighborhood Performance Group

The Neighborhood Performance Group is the youngest performance group in Penang founded in year 2010. Its members are from various backgrounds across Malaysia and Taiwan. The Neighborhood Performance Group aims to contribute to society and humanities through their performaces that actively participate in topics such as social issues, arts and culture, gender and equality and also topics towards the minorities. On the other hand, they also focus on spreading the "seed" of performing arts through live drama and workshops in countries like Brunei, Taiwan and Hong Kong. They actively search for young talents and wish to popularise the dramatic arts and to bring dram to a wider audience.

Alexdrina Chong

We live in the world of binary oppositions. Yes and No; This or that; Right or Left. Him or Her. Social imaginary prompts us to think away from the familiar routes of life locked in this binary oppositions and think of it “anew”. This understanding shapes my approach towards life, and also in running my business, and the way I lead my students towards life long learning. Simply to stay inspired, to live a meaningful life.

Frank Chong

An only child, Frank was raised and educated in Johor Bahru before moving to Klang to pursue his tertiary educations. Frank is currently working as a retailer of sports attires. Frank was diagnosed at the age of 12 for Rhabdomyosarcoma. Aside from weakness in the left wrist, he has since made a full recovery in 1994. Since his recovery, Frank has been actively participating in marathon runs all over the world. One of the most note worthy ones include his completion of the Comrades Marathon, the world's largest and oldest ultra-marathon race. In 2007, he became a certified marathon trainer. Frank is currently an experience marathon consultant in Malaysia. Elsewhere, he operates the Running Lab Malaysia, he is also a partner for CARIF and the ambassador for Comrades Marathon Association in Malaysia.

KamLeong Chow

KamLeong is a reknown Malaysian singer, songwriter, classical guitarist and music producer. Together with several Malaysian musicians, they formed a songwriting collective in 1987 that promotes "Compose, Sing and Listen To Your Own Music". In 1993, he founded a record label and released several succesful albums which lead him to win the "Malaysia Top 10 Singers" award in 95, 96 abd 97. Aside from popular Chinese music, he also actively composes for movies, television shows, commercials and religious buddhist music. In 2010, KamLeong was also involed in the production of several plays as the director, script writer, composer as well as musical director. In 2014, KamLeong was appointed President after the forming of the "JiDang Malaysian Association of Music".

Keng Guan Chiu

A graduate of Saito College and Kuala Lumpur College of the Arts, Chiu Keng Guan studied Art Design and Fine Arts before picking up film directing in Beijing Film Academy. Upon completion and returning to Malaysia, Chiu began his career as a freelance director for drama series, TV commercials and music videos. In 2007, he joined Astro as a TV producer and has successfully produced many highly acclaimed TV series and programmes. His big break came in 2009 when he directed Malaysia's first local Chinese New Year Film <WooHoo!>, a path-breaking film for local Chinese film. His second critically acclaimed work <Great Day> was released in 2011 and again achieved box office success. His most recent movie <The Journey> is Malaysia's highest grossing local film to date. Director Chiu's works are refreshing and appealing due to his keen appreciation for Malaysia's multicultural heritage and local people's sensitivities. As such, he is often known as the "people's director".

Kim Chuan Meh

马金泉是本地著名舞蹈家、编舞家。毕业于香港演艺学院,曾任台湾云门舞集、美国纽约陈乃霓及GGD现代舞团专业舞者。回马后创办共享空间专业舞团,现为舞团总监。曾获大马杰出青年薪传奖、十大杰出青年奖、亚太文化产业创意金奖、全球金品奖之年度文化人物奖及世界华人楷模。 这是马金泉的故事:“我是个孤儿,在度过漫长9年孤苦无依的日子后,9岁那年亲生母亲将我带回身边抚养。中学毕业后得到香港第一等奖学金到香港演艺学院念舞蹈专科。后来在台湾云门及美国纽约当专业舞者。作为艺术专业人士,我有个大愿,从我孤儿的命运中,在无数次的哭泣中。我希望给世界的人增添多一个微笑,少一滴眼泪。我要以自己的专业去协助最需要帮助的人及为他人达到梦想。如在2003年在马来西亚成立了第一个专业现代舞团,给有表演天分的青年一个表演的专业平台。也连续8年为马来西亚双福做筹款演出。后来也连续为大山脚、柔佛新山、亚罗士打、槟城伊甸做筹款演出。” Anthony Meh Kim Chuan is a famous local dancer and choreographer. He graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a major in Dance. He is currently the founder, managing director and choreographer of Dua Space Dance Theatre in Malaysia. Prior to returning to Malaysia, Anthony was an ex-professional dancer of Taiwan Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company and GGD Dance Company in New York.

YiLiang Feng

YiLiang Feng is a local hospice worker and currently serves at the Xiao En Group as a guidance and counselling consultant He is also the CEO of YiLiang Publishing, the tenth vice-president of the Life Line Association Malaysia and Singapore Nectar Care Services peace volunteer. He was awarded the Healthcare Humanity Award in 2009 by the former president of Singapore Sellapan Ramanathan, Top 10 Most Popular Local Writer Sin Chew Daily Readers' Choice 2011 and one of the 2011 Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian finalists. To date, he has published five books.

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Ling Wei

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
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