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Theme: FREEDOM (@DigitalAge)

This event occurred on
April 7, 2014
2:30pm - 9:30pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Genève, GE

What does "freedom @ Digital Age" mean today? The stories of Echelon, Wikileaks, Snowden and the NSA scandal lead society to question the notions of information privacy, transparency, common sense, and use of personal data for commercial purposes.

To be "free", is it simply the freedom to enjoy without restraint? Is it freedom of speech? Is it freedom of opinion or free will? The freedom to use gratis everything we find on the Net? How to distinguish freedom with free access? And what is it about in our daily lives? As we know that every single click is recorded, analysed, what real choices do we have in the digital age,?

These are many issues that will be highlighted by our speakers, who, each in their own way, will reply to these questions and share their opinions with us.

You'll discover stories of people who designed their own paths to freedom. Get inspired !

Also a moment for networking in the Geneva International ambiance of the TEDx community, with sushis & cocktails :-)

Salle des fêtes de Carouge
rue Ancienne 37
Next to Theater of Carouge
Genève, GE, 1227
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Charles-Henri Favrod

With over 1'000 books he (co)wrote and many key topics of the 20s century he covered as journalist and encyclopedist, Charles-Henri is a sacred monster of the freedom. He was a priviliged whitness ofthe freedom of African states, sitting next to Minister Malraux when he was giving the keys of French-speaking African countries to their people. He contributed also to freedom in ending Algerian bloody war, and he will reveal us some if these secrets

Isabelle Chevalley

Conseillère nationale et co-fondatrice d'Ecologie Libérale, Isabelle est bien connue des médias. Mais on la connait moins pour son engagement en faveur du recyclage des déchets dans les pays en Développement. Comme "les déchets c'est la vie", elle voit dans le commerce équitable du traitement des déchêts une nouvelle opportunité pour les pays du Sud de se libérer des dépendances économiques. Voici l'occasion de découvrir une vision peu orthodoxe des rapports Nord/Sud, pour le bien des générations futures.

Richard Stallman

It's the first TEDx talk of the pope of Free Culture. Did you ever heard about free licences ? And about GNU/Linux ? These projects, communities and movements were launched in the 80's by Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS). He simply changed the world. Freeculture is a the base of a large movement refreshing the concept of freedom at digital age. RMS will present us why and what he did for a fair societal environment through free softwares and the 4 fundamental freedom : the famous freedom that have been then adapted in all the freeculture projects and licenses such as Creativecommons licences and Wikipedia, and adapted by promoters of a side culture called Open Source for open governements.

Raphael Rousseau

With both technological and philosophical language, Raphael is analyzing the eveolution of freeculture and Opensource movement, to introduce a key challenge of freedom at digital age

Alexis Kauffman

From Rome, remotely, he co-created FRAMASOFT Today, it's the most impactful website and community of learning on freedom and common good at digital age, with millions of teachers and students using it's fully free-licensed educative material. He will present how this miracle became possible and how you can learn from it.

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