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Theme: convergence with scientist and artist

This event occurred on
December 14, 2013
12:00am - 12:00am KST
(UTC +9hrs)
South Korea

DaedeokValley is located in Daejeon which is the center of ROK. It has been developing since 1960s when the Korean government started promoting the national science technology and concentrating on constructing its national research centers. Currently, Daedeok Valley is working as the heart of Korean science and technology. It has got 30 national research centers and the same number of research centers of major companies along with 600 venture businesses. Also, it is a venue where the cutting-edge HD Dram Town, the Municipal Art Museum and Arts Center are located, which makes lots of performance and cultural events possible. Thanks to the aforementioned facts, Daedeok Valley is a very dynamic and future-oriented place.

UST hall
217 Gajungro Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Daejeon, 305-333
South Korea
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Yeong duk Kim

Yeong duk Kim leads a research center of Institute for Basic Science (IBS) which perform an experiment to identify the dark matter. He couldn't pursue the career for a physicist once, but soon he decided to continue to study physics which he had in mind as a college freshman and majored the nuclear and particle physics. Particle physics experiment using the big accelerators became the symbol of mega science and Yeongduk Kim thought that Korean particle physicists should do their own experiments simultaneously to do the mega science properly. He became to be interested in the dark matter search experiment and began the KIMS experiment with his colleagues. Now he plans to design the new and various experiments until the human beings make clear the identify of the dark matter.

Eun ju Cho

Eun ju Cho is an ocarina player. She originally majored in piano but after she came across Ocarina, a whole new life as musician has begun for her. She, who had to concentrate on piano keys only while playing a piano, learned communication between people and nature. An pocket-sized ocarina enabled her to play at the top of mountains, at remote places, wherever she goes. Eun ju, whose life goals have changed after playing ocarina, believes that she can make the world more beautiful with her music.

Hyung ju Park

Hyung ju Park was studying physics as an undergraduate at Seoul National University when he discovered the beauty of Evasite Galois’s group theory. He eventually switched to mathematics and received his math Ph.D. at U. C. Berkeley. After a professorship at KIAS (Korea Institute for Advanced Study), he is now a professor at POSTECH (Pohang University of Science & Technology). Since 2007, he and a bunch of brave Korean mathematicians have worked hard to bid for and host 2014 ICM (2014 International Congress of Mathematicians) in Seoul. They believe that Seoul ICM could play a pivotal role in advancing the level of Korean mathematical research, and also in communicating to the general public the intellectual side of mathematics and also its powerful effectiveness in dealing with complex industrial problems.

In-Ho Lee

In-Ho Lee tries to understand physical properties of condensed matter systems through computer simulations. In his usual days, he designs computer codes and applies to real materials, including semiconductors, artificial nano-structures, and proteins. He also likes to play football. Interesting to discuss football and football in the various phenomena that appear to be scientifically proven. His personal blog (incredible.egloos.com) computational physics algorithms and computer programs to go, and there is an interesting story about football.

Yong Ki Park

Yong ki Park is a scientist who works for sharing his science knowledge through lecture of science on public and writing scientific columns for making people familiar with modern science. Until the end of 2012, he has conducted study of measuring bio-magnetism and cognitive neuroscience by using superconductivity sensor at the institute. He also is an amateur photographer and publishes photo-essay named [Yongki Park’s Empathize with Photo] regularly from January 2013. He thinks taking photos is like discovering treasure. Also, he believes people can learn not only perspicacity and creativity from nature but also wisdom of making happier life as well.

YeomTong Brothers

Yeom Tong Brothers is an indie band consists of two university students who love music. Bae, Sangho and Heo, Changwoo, study at Chungnam National University, have never trained music formally. However, they started with their challenge spirit. Music, people had dissuaded, is the enjoyment of challenge rather than their regretful choice. They were able to share their joyful music with people on the street and won the first place in Daejeon regional competition of M.net Superstar K5. Their music has grown from happiness of just two of them into pleasure of the public. Sharing their music with people is their reward of pleasure they gained through trying new things. Now, YeomTong Brothers sings ‘Kiss of Einstein and Marilyn Munro’.

Organizing team

jae hyoung

Dae Jeon,, South Korea
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  • Hyejee Joung
  • Haejin So
  • Jo Sunjin
  • Lee Hyein
  • Shin Hyunsub
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  • Lee Jaehyoung
  • Kim Kiuk
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