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Theme: Being Blue

Porto, Portugal
March 21st, 2011

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About this event

Being Blue is about the best of Portugal; the best ideias regarding our wonderful clima, our endless ocean, our passions, our indiosicnracy;

Confirmed Speakers

  • Marc Boyle
    The Moneyless Man, creator of the Freeconomy Movement
  • Julian Treasure
    Sound guru; Owner of The Sound Agency; TED University Oxford 2009 speaker;
  • José Bento dos Santos
    International Gastronomy Academy President
  • Nilton
    Comediant, Laughter thinker
  • Ricardo Schiappa
    MIT Physics Phd; Strings Theory Researcher
  • Filipe Santos
    Entrepreneurship Stanford Phd; Insead Teacher where he elads the Social Entrepreneurship Inititaitve
  • Ricardo Serrão Santos
    Mr Ocean was how National Geographic named him; Biology Liverpool University Phd; has dedicated his life to protect the oceans and defend biodiversity;
  • Gmb Akash
    World acclaimed and awrded Photographer from Bangladesh
  • Sandra Fisher-Martins
    Sandra Fisher-Martins runs Português Claro, a training and consultancy firm that introduced plain language in Portugal and has been helping Portuguese companies and government agencies communicate clearly since 2007.
  • Manuela Gonzaga
    Manuela Gonzaga was a teacher, journalist, most of the time until nine years ago, when she assumed full-time writing.
  • Dirk Niepoort
    Dirk Niepoort is the fifth generation of a Dutch family traditionally dedicated to the commercialization of port wine.
  • Miguel Neiva
    Miguel Neiva is a designer from Oporto, and he is the creator of ColorAdd. "The application of the ColorAdd® system is transversal to all the areas of the global society, regardless of their geographical localisation, culture, language, religion, as well as to all the socio-economical aspects.
  • Celso Grecco
    Celso Grecco is a consultant in Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Social Investment in Brazil, founder of Attitude (Association for the Development of Social Investment).
  • Joaquim Borges Gouveia
    Joaquim Borges Gouveia is Professor of the Department of Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering at the University of Aveiro.
  • Luís Reis
    Medical and manager, a professor of Marketing and Strategy in the EGP-UPBS is Sonae since 1989, where he is Chief Officer Corporate Centre.
  • Tiago Pereira
    Recognized Director, his films refer to manifestations of immaterial culture, like the songs, rituals and performances, that question (pre) concepts of tradition and modernity.
  • Bento Amaral
    Bento Amaral's 41 and at 25 had an accident on the beach. Degree in Food Engineering and experienced sailor, did not let the accident stop him.
  • Johnson Semedo
    Ex-Convict he currently works, as an active member in the NGO Moinho da Juventude, to prevent juvenile delinquency. In his talk he share his way out of the Streets.
  • Peter Joseph
    Peter Joseph is a Media Producer, Social Activist & Founder of The Zeitgeist Movement.

Venue and Details

Porto, 4000
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Manuel Forjaz
Lisbon, Portugal

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