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Theme: Being Blue

This event occurred on
March 21, 2011
9:00am - 7:00pm WET
(UTC +0hrs)

Being Blue is about the best of Portugal; the best ideias regarding our wonderful clima, our endless ocean, our passions, our indiosicnracy;

Porto, 4000
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Marc Boyle

The Moneyless Man, creator of the Freeconomy Movement

Julian Treasure

Sound guru; Owner of The Sound Agency; TED University Oxford 2009 speaker;

José Bento dos Santos

International Gastronomy Academy President


Comediant, Laughter thinker

Ricardo Schiappa

MIT Physics Phd; Strings Theory Researcher

Filipe Santos

Entrepreneurship Stanford Phd; Insead Teacher where he elads the Social Entrepreneurship Inititaitve

Ricardo Serrão Santos

Mr Ocean was how National Geographic named him; Biology Liverpool University Phd; has dedicated his life to protect the oceans and defend biodiversity;

Gmb Akash

World acclaimed and awrded Photographer from Bangladesh

Sandra Fisher-Martins

Sandra Fisher-Martins runs Português Claro, a training and consultancy firm that introduced plain language in Portugal and has been helping Portuguese companies and government agencies communicate clearly since 2007.

Manuela Gonzaga

Manuela Gonzaga was a teacher, journalist, most of the time until nine years ago, when she assumed full-time writing.

Dirk Niepoort

Dirk Niepoort is the fifth generation of a Dutch family traditionally dedicated to the commercialization of port wine.

Miguel Neiva

Miguel Neiva is a designer from Oporto, and he is the creator of ColorAdd. "The application of the ColorAdd® system is transversal to all the areas of the global society, regardless of their geographical localisation, culture, language, religion, as well as to all the socio-economical aspects.

Celso Grecco

Celso Grecco is a consultant in Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Social Investment in Brazil, founder of Attitude (Association for the Development of Social Investment).

Joaquim Borges Gouveia

Joaquim Borges Gouveia is Professor of the Department of Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering at the University of Aveiro.

Luís Reis

Medical and manager, a professor of Marketing and Strategy in the EGP-UPBS is Sonae since 1989, where he is Chief Officer Corporate Centre.

Tiago Pereira

Recognized Director, his films refer to manifestations of immaterial culture, like the songs, rituals and performances, that question (pre) concepts of tradition and modernity.

Bento Amaral

Bento Amaral's 41 and at 25 had an accident on the beach. Degree in Food Engineering and experienced sailor, did not let the accident stop him.

Johnson Semedo

Ex-Convict he currently works, as an active member in the NGO Moinho da Juventude, to prevent juvenile delinquency. In his talk he share his way out of the Streets.

Peter Joseph

Peter Joseph is a Media Producer, Social Activist & Founder of The Zeitgeist Movement.

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Lisbon, Portugal
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