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Theme: Going to the Edge

Santa Rosa, CA, United States
June 14th, 2014

About this event

So many of us spend much of our lives in the comfortable, safe places: Our schedules become predictable. Our work can get repetitive and dull. We interact with the same people, with backgrounds and outlooks similar to our own.

What are we missing by not looking to challenge ourselves, by not going to the edges? To the edge of what’s comfortable, to the edge of what we can do, to the edge of what we understand? What drives someone to explore the edges of their physical abilities, while others don’t? What drives a person to run 100 miles, or climb a rock face without ropes, or to summit Everest?

What new inventions and discoveries are carving our path to the future? What boundaries are being pushed? How has our history been altered by those seeking change at the edges of what’s acceptable, ethical, or right?

Why do we seek the edge of what seems possible? Why do humans continue to bravely explore the unknown?

TEDxSonomaCounty will explore multiple perspectives on the theme, “Going to the Edge”. Come take the leap with us!

Venue and Details

Jackson Theater at Sonoma Country Day School
4400 Day School Place
Santa Rosa, CA, 95403
United States
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Amar Hanspal
Petaluma, CA, United States

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Shannon Ledger
Santa Rosa, CA, United States

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