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Theme: Thriving on Turmoil

Tel Aviv, Israel
April 26th, 2010

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About this event

Thriving on Turmoil
The event theme reflects the inherent contradictions that characterize Israel: ancient-modern, religious-secular, rich-poor, east-west, devout-irreverent, tradition-innovation. TEDxTelAviv demonstrated how this diversity has catalyzed cutting edge technology, world-class research, great works of art and ingenious social entrepreneurship.

A Spring-Fest of Inspiration
TEDxTelAviv celebrated these achievements with a view towards the challenges facing Israel and the region. The diversity of the speakers, the caliber of the audience, and the uniqueness of the venue made this a memorable meeting of place, mind and soul.

Our Vision and Mission
We believe passionately that ideas change the world. By combining the TED platform with the local energy and spirit, we this gathering fostered innovation and collaboration that will enrich Israel, the broader region and the world at large.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Asaf Avidan
    Along with his band
  • Isaac Berzin
    A chemical engineer, founder of GreenFuel, and CEO of Element Cleantech USA, Isaac Berzin is passionate about algae: he believes that seaweed holds the key for eating up carbon emissions and producing renewable energy. So does the Time magazine, which named Brezin as one of the 100 most influential people in politics, business, and science in 2008. Brezin
  • Bruno Giussani
    Bruno Giussani is the European director of the TED Conference and the programmer of TEDGlobal. As a member of TED
  • Paul Holman
    A futurist, inventor, and digital security expert, Paul (Pablos) Holman is a notorious hacker with a unique view into both breaking and building new technologies. Pablos helped build the world
  • Martin Rapaport
    Martin Rapaport, one of the leading business players in the global diamond industry, is also a leading advocate of fair trade jewelry and a champion of promoting an ethical diamond industry. In 2000, during the war in Sierra Leone, he visited amputee camps and led the establishment of the Kimberley Process
  • Hedy Schleifer
    A clinical psychologist and a couple and relationship therapy expert, Hedy Schleifer is a charismatic teacher and an inspirational mentor who brings laughter and passion to the adventure of learning. Internationally known as a grand master of the arts of listening and connection, her workshops and trainings, given in Europe, Israel and Africa, empower people to embrace life and relationships with joy and passion. "Crossing the Bridge" - a film by Robyn Symon about Hedy and Yumi Schleifer, won the Best Documentary Film award at the 2009 LA Femme Film Festival.
  • Shimon Schocken
    A computer science professor at IDC Herzliya who has also taught at NYU and Harvard, Shimon Schocken is co-inventor of a novel approach to teaching computer science, described in an MIT Press book which recently appeared in Chinese, Indian, and Polish editions. Schocken is also a passionate biker and hiker who has logged more than 30,000 km on his mountain bike in many countries around the world. Believing strongly that outdoor sports can lead to profound psychological and mental change, Schocken founded and leads special programs for rehabilitating juvenile delinquents through mountain biking.Short bio of this speaker
  • Ariel Shamir
    Ariel Shamir, a professor of computer science at IDC Herzliya, is a computer graphics expert who worked at the University of Texas, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, Lawrence Livermore national laboratory, and Walt Disney Research. The author of numerous articles and patents, Shamir
  • Ehud Shapiro
    Our body is made of 100 trillion cells, all offspring of a single founder cell
  • Shimon Steinberg
    Entomologist Shimon Steinberg loves his pets. These include parasitic wasps, pirate bugs, and predatory beetles. Zillions of these critters are mass- produced in Kibbutz Sde-Eliyahu and shipped all over the world, where they serve as the first line of defense against agricultural pests. Beneficial bugs are replacing the use of chemical sprays in greenhouse vegetables and open field crops, producing pesticide-free food and eliminating hazardous exposure of millions of workers in third world countries. Steinberg is chief scientist at BioBee, a world leader in mass production of biological control agents. In addition to raising his bugs and insects, Steinberg is addicted to bird watching, tennis, and long-distance running.
  • Karen Tal
    Karen Tal is the Principal of the Bialik-Rogozine School, located in south Tel-Aviv. Challenges of education management and leadership take a new meaning and scale in this unique K12 school, whose 800 students create a fascinating mosaic of Jewish Israelis, Arab Israelis, and children of immigrants and refugees from forty different countries ranging from Sudan to the Ukraine. Karen Tal, who immigrated to Israel from Morocco as a child, navigates this school with remarkable academic success through the turbulent waters of social and political unrest.
  • Itay Talgam
    As music director of the Tel-Aviv Symphony Orchestra and of Musica Nova Consort, conductor Itay Talgam won the
  • Yair Tauman
    Yair Tauman is a mathematician and economics professor at IDC Herzliya and SUNY New York at Stony Brook, where he leads the annual Game Theory Summer Festival. A top notch Black Jack player, Tauman is persona- non-grata in Las Vegas casinos and a highly successful investor in several high-tech companies like Galileo and QXL. He is an expert in the theory and practice of optimal auction design, and a keen observer of how game theory comes to play in personal and business decision making.
  • Oded Vardi
    Oded Vardi is an Internet and New Media entrepreneur and investor. He is a co-founder and COO of Superna, a pioneer in digital home enabling software. Previously, Oded was a founding investor of R U Sure? and a consultant for several technology startups and investment firms. Prior to that, he was an analyst at Giza Investment banking and Giza Venture Capital. While working out of Israel with international firms, Oded developed a unique perspective on the multi-cultural challenges facing young entrepreneurs conducting business on a global scale.
  • Noa Wertheim
    Engaging able and disabled dancers and performing in unique outdoor locations, the award winning Vertigo Dance Group takes its dancers and audiences to uncharted territories of haunting beauty and eco-social expression. Noa Wertheim, the group

Venue and Details

Retsif Haaliya Hashniya
Jaffa Port
Tel Aviv, 680031
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Maya Elhalal
Tel Aviv, Israel

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