Mathieu Lehanneur

Mathieu lehanneur 展示科學對設計的啟發

18:04 •
Filmed Jan 2009 at TEDGlobal 2009
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Matthieu Lehanneur 提到科學是他最主要的啟發。他展示了一系列個人的天才發明—互動式的中和噪音球,洋蔥概念的抗生素藥丸,提醒兒童用藥的氣喘治療器具,活的空氣濾淨機和客廳農場。

Mathieu Lehanneur
/ Designer

Kitchen-sized fish farms, living air purifiers and devices that turn old water bottles into martini shakers all spring from the form-and-function-fusing mind of designer Mathieu Lehanneur.  Full bio.

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