Playlist: Sugata Mitra's 5 favorite education talks

5 talks · 1h 26m · Curated by Sugata Mitra

Sugata Mitra's 5 favorite education talks (5 talks)

Education researcher and 2013 TED Prize winner Sugata Mitra founded the "Hole in the Wall" experiments. Here are 5 talks that align with his vision of education's future.

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    Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.
    “Sir Ken will make you laugh and think at the same time. You'll give yourself a treat by listening to this one. ”
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    At the INK Conference, Arvind Gupta shares simple yet stunning plans for turning trash into seriously entertaining, well-designed toys that kids can build themselves — while learning basic principles of science and design.
    “What fabulous use Arvind makes of his engineering education ...”
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    Pop quiz: When does learning begin? Answer: Before we are born. Science writer Annie Murphy Paul talks through new research that shows how much we learn in the womb — from the lilt of our native language to our soon-to-be-favorite foods.
    “This is cutting-edge stuff. Think back, as far back as you can and you might just sense of the womb ...”
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    Kiran Bir Sethi shows how her groundbreaking Riverside School in India teaches kids life's most valuable lesson: "I can." Watch her students take local issues into their own hands, lead other young people, even educate their parents.
    “A city run by children! What next? The parliament maybe?”
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    Accepting his 2008 TED Prize, physicist Neil Turok speaks out for talented young Africans starved of opportunity: by unlocking and nurturing the continent's creative potential, we can create a change in Africa's future.
    “Mathematics for progress! I just love this, the Queen of the Sciences to lift us to the next level ...”