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Tips for applying to attend a TED Conference

Applying for a TED Conference doesn’t just involve filling in your typical conference form. It’s a time to reflect and share what makes you tick and who you are. TED wants to know! We’re looking for people who will be strong contributors to the TED community and/or the ideas discussed at TED -- and/or the TED Prize wishes and projects that come out of the conference. We use our review of all the applicants, and the insights you provide, to curate a phenomenal group.

Before you apply, here are a few things to know:

  • We invite you to set aside some uninterrupted time to reflect on and fulfill the application -- to share your goals, accomplishments and connection to your community.
  • [TEDGlobal 2014 only] The application can be saved and returned to, if you’d like to take a pause in the middle. Simply save your responses (button at the bottom of each page), and access the form again through your TED.com profile.
  • Pay special attention to your favorite websites and your personal references. We love to see what you share about yourself through these, and we follow up on both. If you would like to share links to your presence on social media, make sure your profiles are accessible as public.
  • Read up on our membership policies. The TED community actively seeks new members who are leaders in their field -- and who can make a strong contribution to the TED community through their energy, influence and connections to change the world.

A few tech tips:

  • You may wish to clear your browser cache before and after submitting your application -- especially if you are using a shared computer.
  • Do keep an offline copy of your TED.com username and password. You will need this again.

If you have any technical trouble with the application form, contact TED immediately by emailing registration@ted.com. Don't delay. Contact us right away so that we can solve your problem.