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TED's Open Translation Project has moved to a new subtitling platform, Amara. Here's a quick guide to getting started. Read the full guide for more details.

How do I register as a new TED translator?

Sign in to Then visit the TED page on Amara and click "Apply to Join" in the left column. Complete the application form and you'll receive notice of approval within 5 days. Please be sure to confirm your email address through the email sent by Amara in order to receive the approval notification.

As an existing TED translator, how do I log in to Amara?

First, sign in to Then visit the TED page on Amara, where you'll be automatically signed in.

How do I request to translate/review talks?

On the Tasks tab in Amara, you'll find available talks (or "tasks") for translation and review. Be sure to set your languages to enable quick filtering for relevant tasks. Use the sorting menu and search field to refine the results. Once you find a task you'd like to work on, click "Perform Task", and you will be automatically assigned. The task will appear under "Your tasks" on the left sidebar.

Where can I find my current talk assignments?

Click "Your tasks" in the left sidebar on Amara to find your current assignments.

How many talks can I be assigned to at once?

You may have up to 5 talk assignments at once, but we recommend you actively work on one translation and one review at a time.

How do I save my work in progress?

To save your in-progress work, click "Save and exit" in the translation interface. You can return to in-progress tasks by clicking "Your tasks" on the left sidebar.

How do I indicate I'm finished translating/reviewing a talk?

When you finish a task, click "Approve" in the translation interface. Your work will advance to the next step in the translation process.

How do I know what a reviewer changes in my translation?

On the talk’s Video page, select your language from the left sidebar. Click the Revisions tab to view each revision of the translation. To view revisions side by side with changes highlighted, select two revisions and hit “Compare Revisions”.

How do I communicate with another translator?

You can message translators directly on Amara. Simply click the Members tab, search for the translator you'd like to message and click "Send a message".

What if I notice a mistake in my translation after it’s published?

Contact a Language Coordinator or

For more help or to report a problem, please email