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Follow these suggestions for event eco-friendliness to keep the environmental impact of your TEDx event as low as possible.

Energy consumption

  • Optimize venue offices, walkways, etc., so they use as little electricity as possible
  • Turn off lights and air conditioning when rooms are not in use
  • Set computers, printers and other electronic devices to "sleep" after a few minutes

Venue selection

  • Choose a venue near public transportion


  • Communicate mass-transit options to your speakers and attendees
  • Provide free passes for public transit
  • Offset TEDx event staff and attendee air travel through carbon credits
  • The ground, use hybrid or high-efficiency vehicles, where possible
  • Encourage carpools
  • If taxis are used, choose taxi companies with hybrid vehicles

Event design

  • Design reusable signage
  • For production lighting, replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LED light bulbs
  • Produce signage and programs from recycled materials
  • Purchase furniture made from recycled products, and recycle or donate once no longer needed
  • Order lanyards made from recyclable products
  • Avoid cut flowers


  • Where possible, use e-mail instead of paper-based communication
  • Print and make copies on double-sided paper
  • Use recycled paper products

Food service

  • Choose beverages and snacks whose packaging is biodegradable
  • Make use of reusable containers for coffee or water
  • If disposables must be used, purchase compostable plates, cups and silverware
  • Provide natural and/or organic food
  • Serve organic and fair-trade coffees, teas and other beverages
  • Use bulk dispensers for salt, pepper, ketchup, etc., for buffet meals
  • Offer vegetarian options and sustainable seafood items


  • Provide water in pitchers or bulk coolers, rather than regular plastic bottles of drinking water


  • Minimize waste through a comprehensive recycling and reuse system organized at the venue
  • Have clearly labeled recycling bins available with both words and pictures
  • Have separate recycling bins for paper and bottles


  • Use biodegradable toilet tissue, soaps and paper towels

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