TEDActive is an event held in parallel with the annual TED Conference. The event features a live simulcast of the conference on beautiful HD screens with an emphasis on connection, conversation and creation. TEDActive celebrates the doers of TED’s community — people from around the world who create ripple effects from the ideas shared at TED.

Recent past conferences

TEDActive 2015 medallion
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Truth and Dare
March 16 - 20, 2015
Whistler, BC, Canada
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TEDActive membership benefits table

Price $4,250
Term (in years) 1
Conference, meals, events x
TED Book Club x
Online social network x
Web access to full conference x
Tax receipt at year end x
Fair market value $2,500
Tax-deductible $1,750*

*Check with your tax professional

TEDActive membership

Price: $4,250 / year

Requirements: If you wish to attend TEDActive, you must apply for membership. Due to limited seating and high demand, conferences sell out very quickly.


  • Attending the TEDActive Conference in Whistler, a parallel event held at the same time as TED in Vancouver, featuring the simulcast of the conference on beautiful HD screens.
  • Online social networking: Create a profile page and join the year-round TED Conference private social network. Interact with other members and get matched with the 10 people you need to meet at TEDActive.
  • Conference video archive: Relive every moment of the conference through a password-protected web video archive, which is made available soon after the conference.
  • TED Book Club: Enroll free in the TED Book Club, which sends an inspired selection of books via Amazon Kindle or physical books. More about the TED Book Club

Tax deductibility:

As TED is owned by the Sapling Foundation, a private 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation registered in the state of New York, $1,750 (2014) of the TEDActive membership fee may be tax-deductible; fair market value is $2,500. Please consult your tax professional to find out how much is deductible. We issue tax receipts at the end of each calendar year.

Please see our Registration policies page for terms and details.

TED Book Club 2015

The TED Book Club sends you an inspired selection of books via Amazon Kindle or physical books. The Kindle option includes bonus selections available only electronically. The Kindle Reader app is available for Mac and PC, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones in addition to the Kindle itself.

When you register for the TED or TEDActive conference or the TEDGlobal conference at the Donor level, you are automatically enrolled in the TED Book Club. Once your registration to the conference is complete you will begin to receive mailings from the TED Book Club. Unfortunately we can not provide retroactive mailings.

The TED Book Club is a completely separate program from TED Books and is run independently.

For any questions regarding missing books, canceling your enrollment or changing your mailing address please e-mail bookclub@ted.com.