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How do we make choices?

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The mystery of love

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11 must-see TED Talks

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What is success?

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When Shakespeare committed word crimes

Written by Laura McClure • Posted Jul 24, 2014
Shakespeare coined new words when he needed -- or merely wanted -- them. Can you guess which words were invented by the Bard?
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7 ways stress does your mind and body good

Written by Kate Torgovnick May • Posted Jul 16, 2014
Psychologist Kelly McGonigal used to believe that stress is bad for your health. Then, new research changed her mind. Here are 7 studies that suggest new ways of looking at stress.
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How cultures around the world think about parenting

Written by Laura McClure • Posted Jul 15, 2014
What can American parents learn from how other cultures think about parenting? A look at attitudes in Norway, Japan and Spain on the pressure to "parent" kids (as a verb).

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The Terrorist's Son: A Story of Choice
Available September 9 from TED Books

"Everyone has a choice. Even if you’re trained to hate, you can choose tolerance. You can choose empathy." An American boy raised on dogma and hate, who chose a different path — this is Zak Ebrahim's story, shared on the TED stage and coming soon as a TED Book. See the trailer now, with the book and the full talk to come September 9.

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TED Global 2014
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | October 6-10, 2014

TEDGlobal is heading to Brazil! In October 2014, in Rio de Janeiro, we will celebrate the outpouring of innovation, energy and creativity taking place all over South America and the global south. The world is changing fast. Fresh thinking can be found in every direction, in emerging geographies as well as in the western hemisphere. Join us in Rio to explore the realities of tomorrow.

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