Mira Calix: Sound and sentiment

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About this talk: What does happiness sound like? What about misery? Mira Calix explores the emotional qualities embedded in music and noise and shares a sound-based spectrum of human sentiments that emerged from her recent work.

About this speaker

Mira is an award-winning composer, artist and performer based in the united kingdom. She is signed to Warp records, on which she has released five albums. Although her earlier music is almost exclusively electronic in nature, more recently she has incorporated classical orchestration into her work for installation pieces, film soundtracks, theatre and opera. Mira has been a regular contributor to Intel’s Creators Project and to advancing the research within Intel Labs on emotional connectedness through technology and media.

About this event

TED@Intel was a TED-curated event featuring a diverse group of speakers from across Intel's organization. Jointly produced by TED and Intel, the speakers shared ideas and visions about "Future in progress."