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  • Our digital lives 11
    Our digital lives
    Curated by TED Our hyper-connected lives have been rewired for the digital age. These talks explore how the Internet and social media are shaping our...
  • Who are the hackers? 7
    Who are the hackers?
    Curated by TED The Internet connects us as never before, but there's a dark side to this web. Who are the hackers who wreak havoc online? And what is it they...
  • MOOCs 101 6
    MOOCs 101
    Curated by TED Given that it’s the internet age and all, why should classrooms look exactly the way they have for centuries? Here, TED speakers on what can...
  • Open-source, open world 9
    Open-source, open world
    Curated by TED Embrace our wide-open shareable future -- where everything's hackable and the power of the crowd propels innovation.
  • Making sense of too much data 10
    Making sense of too much data
    Curated by TED It's the age of Big Data. But what, exactly, do we do with all this information? These talks explore practical, ethical -- and spectacularly...

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