Amy Cuddy

Amy Cuddy: 姿勢決定你是誰!

21:02 •
Filmed Jan 2012 at TEDGlobal 2012
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身體語言影響別人對我們的觀感,同時亦改變我們如何看自己。社會心理學家 Amy Cuddy 說明"高權勢姿勢"—即使在不覺得充滿信心時站起來一副很有自信的樣子—可以改變我們腦內睪固銅和可體松的濃度,進而影響成功的機會。

Amy Cuddy
/ Social Psychologist

Amy Cuddy’s research on body language reveals that we can change other people’s perceptions — and even our own body chemistry — simply by changing body positions.  Full bio.

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