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Enric Sala recommends

Find out more about ocean conservation with books and articles prepared exclusively for TED by the marine ecologist.

Must-reads about ocean exploration

Read books that inspired Sala.

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    Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

    Jules Verne
    Wordsworth Classics, 1998

    Captain Nemo was the first ocean conservationist!

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    The Silent World

    Jacques Cousteau
    National Geographic Adventure Classics, 2004

    To get a glimpse of the pioneering days of diving and underwater discovery.

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    My Family and Other Animals

    Gerald Durrell
    Penguin, 2004

    An ode to joy and innocence, the book that inspired me as a kid to become a naturalist, and that still warms my heart and makes me laugh.

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    Citizens of the Sea

    Nancy Knowlton
    National Geographic, 2010

    To learn about sea life in a fun way.

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    The Extreme Life of the Sea

    Stephen and Anthony Palumbi
    Princeton University Press, 2014

    Another fun resource about sea life.

News about conservation

Read articles about marine parks around the world.