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Nancy Kanwisher recommends

Explore three important resources from the neuroscientist about the origins and development of brain imaging.

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    Nancy's Brain Talks

    For more information, see my collection of short talks on how scientists actually study the human mind and brain using fMRI and other methods, and what they have learned so far.

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    Origins of Neuroscience

    Stanley Finger
    Oxford University Press, 2001

    The idea that the mind and brain are composed of distinct components, each carrying out a different function, goes back at least two centuries to neurologists like Franz Josef Gall and Paul Broca. For a delightful history of the colorful characters of this early era, read this book.

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    Functional specificity in the human brain: A window into the functional architecture of the mind

    Nancy Kanwisher
    PNAS, 2010

    See my 2010 PNAS article to read a review of the recent evidence for this view of brain imaging.