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Keren Elazari recommends

The cybersecurity analyst shares reading, resources and games for aspiring hackers.


Resources to begin a career as a security researcher

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    The Open Web Application Security Project has numerous guides, presentations and, more important, an annual listing of the top 10 security bugs in web applications.

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    Offensive Security

    Universities in the UK have started to offer academic programs for ethical hacking — hopefully more academic institutions will do so globally.

    There are many online courses and certifications. Personally I hold the CISSP certification by ISC2. There are many options that suit different flavors — I like the people at Offensive Security because they support a lot of open-source community projects, helpful to hackers everywhere. Another hands-on simulator option is the SANS NetWars series.

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    Bug bounty programs that companies use to offer rewards for exposed vulnerabilities include BugCrowd, BugSheet and CrowdCurity.

Hacker events

Look for one in your area and you might be surprised!

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    The best way to learn more about hacker culture is to attend hacker events. The biggest conference is DEF CON. 22 years and counting! The best event. Check out the site for a lot of hacking resources.

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    Security Bsides

    You can also check out local community events like Security Bsides.

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    There are many hackerspaces around the world, like NoiseBridge in San Francisco and C Base in Berlin. Check out a list of local hackerspaces in your city.

Games and challenges

Especially for the aspiring hackers out there, there are many hacking games and challenges that allow you to safely and legally learn about the hacking world.