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Sebastian Deterding recommends

Read more about how we can see our values reflected in our everyday objects.

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    Design for the Real World

    Victor Papanek
    Chicago Review Press, 2005

    'There are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a few of them.' Thus starts this classic on the ethics of industrial design, originally published in 1971.

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    Moralizing Technology

    Peter-Paul Verbeek
    University of Chicago Press, 2011

    Philosophy of technology can be very heady reading, but Verbeek does a good job of leading you through some main thoughts about the ethics of (designing) things.

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    Aristotle's Ethics: Moral Development and Human Nature

    Hope May
    Bloomsbury Academic, 2011

    In this slim volume, Hope May connects Aristotle’s virtue ethics to contemporary positive psychology on well-being and self-determination. It may not represent the canonical reading of what Aristotle actually said, but it's an inspiring read nonetheless.

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    Design Is the Problem

    Nathan Shedroff
    Rosenfeld Media, 2009

    Shedroff focuses on sustainability as one aspect of ethical design, but his book is currently still the exhaustive source on that aspect.

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    Eudaimonic Design, or: Six Invitations to Rethink Gamification

    Sebastian Deterding
    in Rethinking Gamification, Mathias Fuchs et al. (Editors), Meson Press, 2014

    If you want an expanded version of the thoughts in my talk, the best thing to read is this little text by me.