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Simon Lewis recommends

The author and film producer shares books, videos and websites about consciousness that "give reason for hope and hope for reason."

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    Rise and Shine website

    I maintain this for readers who want to complement my book’s exploration of our consciousness from the inside looking out with the images and perspectives of doctors who explore consciousness from the outside looking in. When you're at the site, move your mouse over the illustrated body to find clinical images, PowerPoint presentations and links.

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    A New Dawn

    The RSA, January 29, 2014

    In this talk, I explore why making the most of our minds from childhood throughout our lives is the defining challenge of this century and beyond. I also illustrate the scale of the crisis and suggest solutions. In addition to the 22-minute YouTube edit, the RSA hosts an audio podcast of the whole event with the introduction, conversation and audience Q&A.

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    Simon Lewis: My month in a coma

    Interview by Matthew Bannister
    Outlook, BBC World Service, June 24, 2013

    In this interview, broadcasting legend Matthew Bannister explores the caregivers’ experience of trauma with my parents, and asks me about the worlds I experienced in coma at the edge of my life and death, as described in the 'Innerspace' chapter of Rise and Shine.

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    My personal website sets out my mission statement that we must use an integrated program to make the most of our minds, and my goal to set up a foundation to achieve these measurable and repeatable benefits globally. For the potential benefits of an integrated program to maximize the four C's of consciousness there are some interesting titles, showing why there is reason for hope, and hope for our reason.

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    The Mind’s Eye

    Oliver Sacks
    Vintage, 2011

    Inspirational and finely written stories of people who find ways to navigate the world through landscapes that have been fractured in ways that are often hard to imagine.

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    The Brain That Changes Itself

    Norman Doidge
    Penguin Books, 2007

    The psychiatrist and psychoanalyst introduces us to the scientists championing neuroplasticity — and the people whose lives they've transformed.

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    Head Cases

    Michael Paul Mason
    Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2009

    By turns dark and vivid, these stories illuminate the complexity and preciousness of consciousness, and the importance of implementing long-term care programs for those who've suffered a brain injury.

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    Rise and Shine Audiobook

    Written by Simon Lewis
    Narrated by Kelsey Grammer
    Audible, 2017

    Narrator Kelsey Grammer says, "I am proud and humbled to have read Simon's story. It is one of extraordinary suffering and perseverance, tragedy and ultimate triumph. I cannot recommend it enough. While all who suffer in this life search for hope and the strength to go on, few have faced such a mountain of challenges and heartache — Simon's story is an inspiration to all. It reminds me of a line from Prometheus Unbound by Shelley — 'To suffer woes which hope thinks infinite' — surely Simon's story measures up to that description. That he emerged victorious, in the face of such travail, is a testament to his courage, the courage of his family and their love. It is an inspiration to all."