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JD Schramm recommends

The stigma of suicide is real and pernicious. Schramm offers books and articles he hopes might help those coming back from a suicide attempt.

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    Waking Up, Alive

    Richard A. Heckler
    Ballantine Books, 1996

    I'm thrilled that Richard Heckler's book has been updated and re-released. It's the best place to start. The following books are written by authors with a sensitivity to the stress one faces when coming back from a suicide attempt.

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    Night Falls Fast

    Kay Redfield Jamison
    Vintage, 2000

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    An Unquiet Mind

    Kay Redfield Jamison
    Vintage, 1997

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    A New Lease on Life

    John A. Chabot
    Fairview Press, 1996

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    Suicide, Despair and Soul Recovery

    Ken Stifler
    Paulist Press, 2008

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    Former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy Reviews Silver Linings Playbook

    The Daily Beast, January 20, 2013

    We are seeing more and more individuals acknowledge their own struggles with depression, including former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy. The more we can openly discuss the subject of suicide, the better we can reduce its grip on our society.