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Liza Donnelly recommends

The cartoonist shares more of her own drawings, as well as books by the feminist thinkers who influenced her.

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    Women On Men

    Liza Donnelly
    Narrative Library, 2013

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    Funny Ladies

    Liza Donnelly
    Prometheus Books, 2005

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    Judith Butler's publications

    The theories I discuss in my TED Talk were influenced by reading the work of philosopher and feminist Judith Butler, who writes about gender performativity and other issues.

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    Dislocating Cultures

    Uma Narayan
    Routledge, 1997

    Uma Narayan, a feminist scholar who writes on culture and tradition, also influenced my theories.

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    A Room of One's Own

    Virginia Woolf
    Martino Fine Books, 2012

    One of the most important books about women's rights, and one that informed my thinking on creativity, is this one by Virginia Woolf.